Junet and Millie clap back at Oscar Sudi

well I gotta be open about talking resume you wanted to march in you cassia Bunga yeah one of our merav cuisine to put open Danielle Salam upon us in Guinea Khun wat wanna see an open gate to Khan Academy in Ukiah just completed orange Rock one in spite of his limitations with the speaker horrible sudhi say that he has other businesses to do and the Kangaroos a minge to caught him in court am i right here what when I talk onions and opened you in Ginza speaker I'm by when I do Aquaman Daniel Boone making a salmon keep suspect Deepika that's a very offensive attitude with a speaker towards this hospital speaker I announced the speaker then answer people speak very good English and the Queen's language for that matter and with a specialized only thing that they inherited from the European when they were living the colonial times they never got a lot they were left with English mr. speaker and up to now they're the custodians of that language promises pika it is very very unfortunate that a member can speak in that manner and an impute improper motive to this house to the speaker the Standing Orders are clear you can use three languages you can use English you can use kiss Wei Li you can use sign language honorable suit you can use sign language if the other two have got limitations on those are the two visas pick up the standing order will allow us speaking is challenged in language then another member who's landed like Professor to talk can can interpret for if that the members saying this disease or or come courtesy of the speaker or socio lose nominate there was not much work to do Mr Speaker I speak very good English and have no apology I speak very good law and have a no apology so it is not original issue it is a disability of that member and mr. speaker we are willing to teach him English and if you can't speak English we can also teach in Kiswahili

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