July 31 E News (Intern Jack's Last E-News!!!)

what's up you guys since our Jack here with this week's e news this Wednesday we have our last movie of the movie night series black panther coming up so show up at 6 p.m. and it'll be an awesome time remember there's free popcorn and then concessions like pizza candy and soda for just $1 bring a friend that's new to Hyde Park and you and that version can both get one free concession item this Sunday we will have merged so show up at 5:30 with $5 for some dinner beforehand and it'll be a great time spin intern Jack signing off just been interned Jack with this week's merge enews I'll see you next time yeah this has been this week's edition of murky news talk to me that's been this week's edition of enews with intern jack see ya see you guys next time intern jack signing off this is an intern Jack signing off this is an intern Jack signing off this is been injured jack signing off and for the very last time this has been intern jack

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