Julián Castro Holds Trump Policy Responsible for Death of Oscar Martinez and His Baby | NowThis

there are undocumented children being held alone in detention even as close as Homestead Florida right here less than 30 miles from where we are tonight fathers and mothers and children are dying while trying to enter the United States of America we saw that image today that broke our hearts and they had names also got a mouth eNOS and his 23 month old daughter Violetta died trying to cross the river to ask for asylum in this country last month more than 130,000 migrants were apprehended at the southern border secretary Castro if you were president today oh yeah what would you specifically do thank you very much plus a I'm very proud that in April I became the first candidate to put forward a comprehensive immigration plan and we saw those images watching that image of Voskhod and his daughter Valeria is heartbreaking it should also piss us all off if I were president today and it should spur us to action if I were president today I would sign an executive order that would get rid of Trump's zero-tolerance policy the remain in Mexico policy and the metering policy this metering policy is basically what prompted most got in Valletta to make that risky swim across the river they have been playing games with people who are coming and trying to seek asylum at our ports of entry well Scott in Valletta went to a port of entry and then they were denied the ability to make an asylum claim so they got frustrated and they tried to cross the river and they died because of that on day one they would do that executive order that would address metering and then I would follow that up in my first hundred days with immigration reform that were onerous Island planes that would put undocumented immigrants as long as they haven't committed a serious crime on a pathway to citizenship and that would go to the root cause of the issue which is we need a Marshall Plan for on Goudas and what and in some level so that people can find safety and opportunity at home instead of coming to the United States to seek it senator Booker what would you do on day one

  • So the death of every person who died crossing the border. Dering Obama is on Obama. And there have been a lot more people who drowned then that guy and his kid. It was just a good political pic for the Demacrats.

  • Dying to get free stuff in 🇺🇸 I knew it blame Trump just don't come here in the first place blame democraps for not helping Trump with the border the country's President for not doing nothing to help his people

  • Democrats are on the side of Illegals while Republicans are on the side of actual Americans. Here's why. Democrats see each Illegal as another potential vote and are willing to sell out the country to get those votes. They don't care if it destroys the country, lowers our standard of living or drags us down to towards 3rd world status. All they care about is POWER.

  • Well then…it will never stop. We must stop agenda 21. We must leave these nations, but then who would be able to live without their precious stuff. Or MORE, or NEW, or better…ya, ya call that living…I call it killer consumption.

  • Let's give that river a well deserved heart felt THANK YOU for the service! ! How do we get the rest of this mass invasion to follow the example ?

  • No it doesn't break any of the Republican's or trumps lackies and his followers these people have no souls they are truly the DEVIL.

  • While I agree that Trump and his policies are directly responsible for the deaths of children held by ICE detention camps.
    I do not agree that he is responsible for the deaths of this man and his child.
    He alone made the decision to enter that river with his infant, even his mother asked him not to.
    Bottom line, a tragedy.

  • Lol. It's the Democrats encouraging illegals to pour in here illegally. Republicans and conservatives have been on a campaign to discourage them from coming in by showing the dangers of coming illegally. This Castro puppet is a joke

  • I hold the Democrats responsible. You incentivized this humanitarian crisis, and wealthy Democratic donors are funding it.

  • One word that is left out of this is illegally !!!!!!!!! Illegally trying to enter America good I'm glad they didn't make it, as a Democrat I am so tired of hearing the word immigration instead of illegally entering our country. These people are cowards that cannot fix their own country and they would rather come and live in our country and not have to do the leg work of having a revolution and fixing their government corruption.

  • The U.S. is so used to overthrowing populist left wing governments in Central and South America and installing brutal right wing governments but perhaps it's time to reverse that policy by overthrowing the right wing governments and allowing the people of those countries to elect governments of their choice. That would immediately solve the problem of thousands seeking to come to the U.S. illegally.

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