Judgment I'll Make it Double Trophy Guide (Judge Eyes) MISSABLE WARNING!!!

welcome to judgment its abyss and in this video today I'm gonna show you how to unlock the trophy called I'll make it double now in order to unlock it you need to double your chips at the Lamont now fair warning this is a missable alright so early in Chapter two you'll be meeting Kyoto at the koib ride you will find him there fishing then after a cutscene you will get into a fight with some Street thugs after the fight the guy behind the counter will give you 300 chips and the key to the casino you will then go downstairs and before you enter I recommend making a save okay so we are going to need to double our chips to six hundred two ways you can do this blackjack or poker now this is immiscible because if you run out of chips then a cutscene will occur or if you sit down at one of the tables but decide you want to change games then a cutscene will occur and you're going to miss out on this trophy so that is the main a reason why you want to make a say before starting any game once you double your chips to 600 then you can leave the table and afterwards the trophy will unlock now I chose poker so I will show you my last two hands but other than that I hope you all enjoy the video don't forget to Like and subscribe to support the channel and I will see you next time don't care dude playtime's over talk come on diabase waiting you


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