Judgment – Chapter 5 Head To The ADDC – Way Too Thorough! Trophy Walkthrough Part 25

[Applause] over here Yagami son I have a taxi for us don't even start syndra but we must [Applause] I've heard a bit about this place before but the ad DC isn't it just one part of a larger organization if I recall correctly they call it the Medical Institute this is that accurate yeah they own every last inch of this campus it's incredible even with all these buildings they're still getting budget to expand from that new drug so is it the same as you remember yeah [Applause] huh don't go too far ahead huh give me son what are you all shaking up for calm down just stick with me you'll be fine got that Yagami y'all give me sod try not to just ditch me okay is something wrong it's just after three years it still looks the same huh almost like time itself has stopped yeah uh me son come on front desks over there do you have an appointment sir I don't sorry my name is Hoshino from the Genda law office this is my partner Yagami we're here to talk about a murder that took place in Camarillo yesterday a murder a co-worker of ours named shintani he was the victim we have a record that he called this Center before he was killed hmm we're hoping you can help us track down exactly who he spoke to I'm very sorry sir but I can't provide such private information well could I at least talk to director Kido instead he's an old friend of mine just let him know Yagami stopped by to say hello I don't think that'll be necessary look over there gentlemen I really don't know what else you want from me I have nothing more to say I've told the police all that I know yeah I know sorry about all this director problem is my partner here won't give it a rest till he sees the scene of the crime but they sure would be leaving soon that's not what we agreed upon you know this isn't about how long it takes and what about Okubo I take it he's still not fest up no not quite as of yet sir but we all saw where the body was exactly where he said it would be quite true not much point in fighting this now the minister has made it clear that he wants it resolved soon as well just look at how much trouble one contractor has caused sorry which Minister I didn't know about this sir the Health Minister it's all his call how much funding we get the director if I may if you would just direct me to the scene of the crime I could head over there myself I'll be out of your hair in no time I assure you I'd rather you didn't wander on your own so instead she can show you terasawa khun these gentlemen here are shintani sensei and Yagami it's a pleasure I hope I can help you find what you need well I'll be taking my leave thank you again director apologies for all the trouble this way I can show you how to get to walk asan's room who's Waku son the guy who died in his room oh yeah and you are terasawa son huh Wow you're young and a looker to boot um can we keep this professional huh nice try shintani sensei not the friendliest girl in town huh we're not exactly welcome guests here after I busted my ass to pass the bar I always figured I'd have my pick of the ladies right this way please straight ahead is the ad DC's general Ward Waku sans room is on the fourth floor you this was the room assigned to walk us on what's down there that's the research wing where they develop all our new drugs Oh you can't get in without a gold key card though not even I have won gold huh I suppose because it's the heart of the center's operations huh sounds like it's a whole nother world back there security like that must be a bitch come on Yagami before he died Waku son spent most of his time in here and when was he admitted two years ago with Alzheimer's some kind of dementia right Alzheimer's is a neurodegenerative disease that leads to dementia yes in fact it's the cause of almost 70% of all dementia cases so they're one in the same kind of anyway do what you got to do yoga me uh-huh has anyone else left here since Walker son's death nobody no and Walker son was missing from his room the morning of the incident yes that's right so he was murdered here then carried out I can't say for sure but it's likely Hey what the the windows sealed shut there's no way waka song could have escaped through here suspicious all the rooms have windows like this right seems like people would notice if something was going on in here well we only have so many employees in this ward the halls stay fairly busy but it's mostly dementia patients moving between appointments I see I wonder how the room looks from the hallway you got all you need from here yeah I think so what what hmm you can definitely see what's going on from out here shintani sensei can you lay on the bed for me I guess so care to join me terasawa son what do you got to lose it was a joke so from this vantage point you can't make out the person's face so was this the colossal waste of time I knew it would be nope I got something I'd only get from being here does it matter it's been days case is practically closed shinpai Okubo is guilty as hell well according to him he's not of course that's what he says consider the facts though man you want to review the case sure let's go over what we know so far whatever you want all right here we go our victim was the patient staying in this room Koishi Waku male aged 66 at 8:30 a.m. on the morning of the crime the nurses noticed he was missing from his bed given Wakko's degenerative state they assumed he was wandering around the hospital somewhere but after being unable to track him down hospital staff filed the missing-persons report right you know to dementia patients like though hard to imagine they'd make it outside on the wrong the only conclusion that was that somebody must have taken him out of the hospital after inspecting all the cars that came in and out of the center they were left with one possible suspect a laundry man by the name of shinpei Okubo it didn't take much product for Okubo to confess burying wahoos body out in the mountains and lo and behold three months after walk who disappeared the cops found his body rotting away right where Okubo said it'd be cause of death was most likely suffocation but they still don't know for sure any objections to this so far Yagami sensei actually yeah you're forgetting something and what's that Okubo kun insists he didn't kill anyone all he admits to is dumping the body oh sure but come on Yagami guys got a history of assault and it's on record roughed up his girlfriend accidentally broke her finger right but that was over six years ago he was just a kid got drunk made a huge mistake and what it's okay for a kid to hit a woman of course not but that's not what he's on trial for true I don't condone what he did but legally committing one crime doesn't mean you're guilty of another fine but what about okhla Bo's shaky alibi who said he left the center at 10:00 a.m. after grabbing the sheets from the general war claimed Waku son's corpse somehow got loaded into his truck who's gonna believe garbage like that if anyone should it's his lawyers so we're meeting with Okubo after this right you should just be honest with him tell him the case is unwinnable are you two done here yep can you show us the garage next the one we're Okubo kun parked his truck the service entrance I think it was that's the only other place we'll need to see today we'll need to take an elevator down there follow me follow me hey Yagami you're never gonna last if you keep taking cases like this criminal suits are a constant test of your conviction your sense of justice they don't even pay that well careful who you say that around look just chill out okay take it from me I've been around the block way longer than you have it's like a regular old garage to me hmm you'd make it out with no problem if you put a body into your truck down here it's quiet it is hey Yagami check this out these are the carts they used to collect sheets and linens may the crime Okubo was all over the hospital with one of these things would have been simple for him just sneak a body in there and card it right out maybe so where was okhla boat parked on the day of the incident Oh the truck was parked here but the back facing the elevator here's a recreation of it I see DNA evidence from the victim was found in the flatbed of the truck that's proof enough that the body was there the one they confronted Okubo he flat out admitted it when was Walker son last seen just before 8:00 a.m. on the day of the crime yeah 7:50 to be precise an ad DC scientist will be testifying to that he claims he saw on nice and cozy in his bed I see can we talk to this witness I tried to get an appointment but they shut me down said they don't want us interfering with their research any more they're not willing to make an exception this once this isn't an issue you want to push outta me worst case scenario you get charged with witness intimidation alright alright anyway the victim was last seen at 7:50 that's right breakfast is at 8 o'clock so the patients who can walk on their own gather in the break room but on the day of his disappearance 8:30 came and went with no sign of walkathon you thought you'd find him quickly didn't exactly turn out that way right got that Yagami here let's go over some more details well we know is Waku was taken out of his room sometime between 750 when he was last seen and 8:30 when everyone noticed he was gone during that 40 minute span somebody suffocated Waku and stuffed him into the laundry bin nobody suspected there was a body in the cart and the only clear culprit was oka ball the man in charge of the laundry to further back this up DNA evidence from Waku was found in Okubo struck then when the police questioned Okubo he confessed to burying the body in the mountains of Okutama three months after the crime Walker's corpse was finally found with me it's things airtight Yagami I know you're getting into this but come on just give it up already you don't have a chance even though Okubo says he's innocent I promised him we'd do everything we could not my problem you shouldn't make promises you can't keep fine then I'll do it alone you don't have to be involved even if I'm not the loss will hurt get into sensei's reputation I'm sorry but our client says he's innocent I can't back down from this fine I'll be in the lobby um if you like I could take you to see walkathons room again you don't mind that would be great Wacka son was here until the morning of the incident then he just up and disappeared um are you finished yeah I've seen what I need anything else you can share how long will Okubo son sentence be huh if he's found guilty that is probably ten years maybe more it's hard to say for sure and what if he confesses would they shorten his sentence at the very least he did make a better impression than insisting he didn't do it but you're still going to push an innocent plea even though Okubo son is the one who'll suffer for it if he's really not guilty he won't have to I'll win but to be perfectly honest this is my first criminal case what civil cases have been a mixed bag for me too I've actually lost more than I've won is that so apparently a smart lawyer would never even consider an innocent plea in this case guess it's a good thing that I'm not so smart then because I honestly believe I can win terasawa son were you close to Okubo Koon I spoke to him pretty often yes I would see him around the ward all the time and what did you think of him did he seem like the kind of guy who'd do something like this I'm sorry the director told us not to say too much wait if you know anything that can help just get in touch okay I'll do whatever it takes to set Okubo Khun free but I can't do it alone just give it some thought Tara saw us on just now we went to the ad DC thought I should have a look at things with my own eyes and how'd it go cuz no chance you walk you practically a lost cause hey Yagami sensei is that what you think it's like this oka ball you tell me you're innocent and I'll fight to the end I really have nothing to lose by helping you out it's just like I told you whoever did it is framing me on the day of the crime you were in the general war at the ad D CES starting at 8:00 a.m. you went around to each room and gather the linens yes nobody would dispute that and after that you covered Waku songs nose and mouth suffocated him and then carted him out in a laundry bin that's not true Waku son wasn't there when I went into his room I didn't see him at all that day you have to believe me and I do so when you went down to leave the centre at 10:00 a.m. after gathering the linens you realize there was a body hidden in the truck yes that's what happened then after debating whether or not to report the body you chose to hide it in the mountains I had a criminal assault on my record I knew the police would have suspected me if I went to them aren't you forgetting the bad blood you had with Waku son huh that blood what are you talking about three days before the murder Waku son claimed Okubo kun here punched him and stole his wallet they told me all about it at the centre when did you even ask while you were busy chatting up terasawa Chang but even if I bitch about it I'm still damn good at my job well Okubo corner did you take his wallet or not quite big college delusion of theft it's a symptom of dementia do you think something's been stolen from you then blame the first person you see not the easiest thing to deal with right someone accuses you of theft for no reason must have been a shock so when Waku son tried to hit you you just about hit him back but I didn't hit him no you murdered him I wouldn't kill a man over something like that I wish I could believe you pal come on Okubo kun you've got a record of violence was it me I swear somebody set me up please you have to believe me whoever did this is laughing at all of us right now calm down Yagami sensei do you believe I do okay next time come along fine I could take a hint you and Yagami sensei could cut love all you want hey you know that nurse terasawa some cute girl it sounded like she was worried about you but you'd have a chance with her once you get out of here if you'll excuse me so shintani just left you hanging huh he's got to learn some damn patience maybe so but this is my case now I can handle it myself huh okay Yagami son mm-hmm have you seen my few lately where's this coming from she's just not that great with men I suggest you be more assertive right okay you mean that friend of yours sorry cool she's got shintani all riled up said he'd have been nicer to you if he knew you had friends who look like her jackass hey nothing's official yet guys regardless keep it on the down-low okay yet that word says more than you think I'll keep my lips sealed Matthew Koons a prosecutor right isn't it kind of taboo for her to date a defense attorney can we not do this either way yes the Okubo case comes first pleading innocent yeah that's the plan what is your plan here this isn't gonna be an easy win well I'm working on that there's one piece of evidence that still bothers me yeah and what's that this is Waku sont the victim suffocation is the apparent cause of death they still haven't nailed it down conclusively as for his body it was found buried in the mountains of Oklahoma and Okubo is the one who told him where it was right as I've seen he's admitted to that much at least yes but he insists he didn't commit the murder maybe so but you're gonna need evidence if you want to prove it they find anything on the body maybe something that give our man an alibi no nothing like that well that's a shame well that's not my point though the evidence I showed you is that evidence won't win you the case what the hell's your problem was that shintani I think so get back here eavesdropping on you what the hell well I tried to stop him but uh well the stun gun on me hey wait up hold up won't get away hold on won't get away you woman are you terasawa son let me we got a groper out here scum of the earth not on my watch you son of a bitch [Applause] can all lawyers fight like that did you really need to run away like that I assume you came to see me there was something I wanted to talk to you about yes but I wasn't sure if I should then that pigheaded friend of yours started shouting so I just lost him okay but did you have to tase him not that he didn't have it coming anyway I'm listening if you want to talk no matter what it is I'll keep your secret anything you tell me will fall under client/attorney privilege well you know the witness who last saw Waku son said he saw him sleeping in his bed uh-huh well that witness is a man by the name of Shona son he's one of the scientists at the ad DC not only that but he's the directors right-hand man – and this is him yes he's a very dedicated doctor so the nurses have a lot of faith in him but something felt off when I heard what he had to say about the incident and what's that I guess I'm just skeptical as to whether or not he actually saw Waku son I don't think he's intentionally deceiving us but he may be mistaken somehow and if I had to guess I'd say the other nurses feel the same still why hasn't anyone mentioned this until now how could we nurses talking about a doctor behind his back that's not something a nurse could do without consequences and if it came to a courtroom testimony none of you would testify maybe the other nurses wouldn't but I would I never really fit in over there anyway besides yeah I think Okubo son is innocent oh really sounds like I finally got an ally on my team I'm currently employed as a researcher at the advanced drug development center part of our research consists of clinical tests we perform on patients in the general ward of the center on the day of the crime I was making my usual rounds through the ward and what time was that around 7:50 you're sure yes the patients eat breakfast at precisely 8:00 o'clock I always head to the break room myself right around then to this break room to be precise that's correct our more mobile patients walk there for breakfast instead of eating in their own rooms then while the nurses help the patients eat I ask about how they feel and how the medicine is treating them and on the day of walkathons disappearance you pass by his room before going to the break room yes and in that room you saw what goose on lying on the bed yes can you describe the situation to us as you remember it the door has a window so you can see into the room from the hallway and this is the room you're referring to yes that's correct from where I was standing in the hallway I could see Waku son lying in bed he was asleep with a blanket covering most of his body and what time was that around 7:50 no further questions Yagami sensei why did you call her to the stand she actually asked to testify is that a problem not really no terasawa saw you were present for showing our sons testimony just now yes yes and what is your opinion on that testimony for a scientist I felt his wording was rather imprecise and as a medical professional I felt his actions were negligent could I ask you to be a little more specific our witness show no son claims he saw Waku son sleeping in his bed during his morning rounds however there's no way he could have known that just by looking in from the hallway I have evidence supporting Tarasov asan's testimony please look at this it's a photograph of the victims room as viewed from the hallway in other words this is what shown our son would have seen when he checked in on Waukesha Waku son was already dead when Shona son went to check on him what are you implying at the time the defendant hadn't yet collected the linens in fact he hadn't even arrived at the ad DC meaning Okubo son could not have been the murderer assuming that's true then why did he go through the trouble of hiding Waku son's body in his laundry cart huh well depending on how you look at it please you know this is a court of law don't you sorry let me start over our witness Shona son claims he saw Waku son sleeping in his bed during his morning rounds however I'm not convinced that's actually what happened please look at this it's a photograph of the victims room as viewed from the hallway in other words this is what shown our son would have seen when he checked in on waka saw Jonah's on was lying when he said he saw Walker Sun in the bed excuse me what he saw from the door was likely nothing more than a bulge of sheets he couldn't have been able to identify it specifically as Waku son so to claim as much in his testimony seems like quite an exaggeration don't you think a common sense would dictate otherwise would it not who would be in the bed other than Waku son the staff nurses are trained to always enter a room when checking in on a patient in walkathons case it's impossible to tell anything just by looking in from the hallway there was actually one time a while back where we thought he was under the covers only to find Waku son eating in the break room a second later and upon re-examining the room we realized that we had mistaken a bunched-up pillow for Waqas on the witness makes an important distinction the prosecution asserts that shown our son's testimony is clear that the victim was taken out of his room at some point between 750 and 8:30 in the morning they claimed that because of this time frame the defendant must have smuggled Waku son's body out in his laundry bin but if shown or Suns testimony is invalid as the defense asserts we have to consider the possibility that Waku son was taken in the middle of the night when nobody else was around after which the killer could have waited until the morning to plant the body in the defendants truck in other words the defense establishes that there is reasonable doubt that Okubo son is the killer rendering the prosecution's central argument unsound Your Honor taking this new testimony into account I'd like to call Shawn Osan back to the stand for cross-examination show no Sun yes I'll get right to the point on the day of the crime what did you see when you looked into Waka son's room I saw wha cusan asleep in his bed I think and did you get a clear look at his face I don't remember so it's possible that it could have been someone other than Walker son in that bed or maybe even a pillow that you mistook to be Walker son's body isn't that right objection the defense is leading the witness sustained please rephrase the question Jonah's on can you say without a doubt that wah cusan was in that bed when you checked on I I don't think I can know then the defense rests but I do have a quick remark for the prosecution huh the charges against my client stemmed from your assertion that he's the only possible suspect assuming the crime took place within the stated time frame however the defense is proven without a doubt that Jonas ons testimony is unreliable establishing a reasonable doubt for my client I would suggest that that you withdraw the charges against my client with such inconclusive evidence you'll only be wasting the Court's precious time the prosecution does not consider the witness's testimony inconclusive his memory of the incident may be fuzzy yes but that doesn't change that he saw the victim so your whole case is based on a fuzzy memory this promising young man's future is at stake and you're willing to throw that away on unreliable testimony doctor Shona is a bright and diligent researcher after watching his own grandmother develop dementia he vowed to create a drug that could cure the disease after paying his own way through Medical School he went on to become the head researcher at the ad D see day after day doctors show no visits his sick patients out of the kindness of his heart leading to his valiant testimony here today if you want to know whether I trust this man then my answer is a resounding yes in other words because he's such a great researcher his testimony is infallible his own admission that he's not sure is somehow overlooked is that the some of it because from here it sounds like you're putting your faith in Sheol Oh sounds title not his testimony today the prosecution is not as easily swayed as you think and you want to talk reputation what if your clients history of domestic abuse six years ago the defendant broke his girlfriend's finger the poor girl still suffering from the effects and the cause a minor drunken disagreement now fast forward to what occurred a few days prior to the crime wha Kusa suspecting the defendant of stealing his wallet lashed out and punched the defendant in the face given the clearly by the nature of Okubo son here that alone would be motivation enough to murder the poor old is something wrong ma'am please remain seated while Court is in session terasawa son Okubo son is not a violent person and he hasn't even had a drink in over six years not a single drop since the incident my court will not stand for this commotion he didn't blame Waqas on it all he knew that the outburst was just caused by his dementia that it was all the sicknesses fault so there was no reason for him to resort to murder terasawa son please oh-hoo-hoo son really have an incredible caring person please leave this courtroom at once you're right that he may be hard to approach but he's a kind soul and he always keeps his promises Okubo Suns not the only person in this courtroom who would be affected by a guilty verdict either as a matter of fact it would break my heart and even through it all you wanted me to keep this a secret not to tell anyone not even his lawyers that we were dating even though he knew he could have ended up in prison making sure I was safe was the only thing in the world he cared about that's just who he is but when the prosecution is already decided he's a criminal how could he possibly be given a fair trial her little outburst wasn't technically admissible but as the trial dragged on it hung over the jury like a stone and in the end shinpai Okubo was found not guilty but only a month after his release everything changed the same girl who had so bravely proclaim DoCoMo's innocence died by the man's own hand you [Applause] hi something wrong no it's nothing vice-minister but I haven't seen you in about three years keto son I see you're still the director you look familiar but I can't quite place the name I seem to recall you looking sharper I'm a detective based in Camacho now the names Yagami ah I remember now you're the reason terasawa Kunz no longer with us remember show no Okubo son was unstoppable if only my testimony had been better show no son right it doesn't matter what brings you here anyway I'm investigating a murder and I'll need your cooperation with it just like old times I see yes thank you it does seem we received a phone call from this shintani son you speak of do you know who he was calling dr. Shona the same show no son you were just with yes however it's unclear as to what the point of the call was meant to be Shona was away from his desk at the time you see him shintani son didn't leave a message you have no idea what he wanted to talk about none sean-o says he doesn't know a shintani son and sees no reason why he would be calling no really show no and I co-authored the research paper on 89 we're quite well known as it turns out sometimes complete strangers pretend to be close friends or relatives in order to contact us perhaps shintani son fell into that category have you heard of the mole murders taking place in camacho dr. Kido three Yakuza each one with their eyes gouged out it's a grisly business shintani was killed in the same way I've seen the news can you think of anything tying the ad DC to those murders huh look just what are you implying but I believe we're done here there's nothing I can help you with please stop you can't who are you detective Croix WA camera police organized crime one of your guests here has information related to the case I'm currently investigating that would be you Yagami I'd like to speak to you as a material witness to the murder of the lawyer Masamichi Shin ton is that so

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