Joy Entertainment Today (26-7-19)

good afternoon welcome to showbiz here on join easily now the first animal ghana music a world music festival 2019 is a celebration of the power of Ghanian music and the sound of the dust for the festival featured musicians and artists from african continent's the caribbean and the USA a rich Kondylis of genre will be on display from jazz R&B reggae highlife and hip life alphabets the first of all will serve as an anchor event to pana first winter 19 while continuing to support the mission of the year of return initiative on social media and can a world music the gonna world music festival fantasy don't complex 3rd August and 4th August 20 19 percent said by the year off for Ted and Palma fest 2019 an IAS agency production now Ghana's High Commissioner to Spain Elizabeth oj has commended the to highlight bands shotoku egg analog and the FRA ban fought the exceptional performance at the visa vie concert in Spain the bands have been touring festival across Spain after winning the competition organised in a crowd came fest out of 64 bands that took part in the competition speaking in an exclusive interview with hit FM in Spain Madame Elizabeth OG also commented the creative arts council for supporting the initiative for I'd like to you know comment there to musica groups the creative art Council you know for supporting this initiative and then the two groups which is yaqoob and and pram I think they performed very well they made Ghana very proud I know that we are still on tour the judges who selected them very proud they have you know written to the mission we are very proud about the entire visa vie program this is something that we started way from January through March you know when the audition was done we got the results and the selection and now they are on tour I think we're very proud of them on that note we ensure this year or enjoying Easter day my name is Betty have a great weekend Daniel you to Becky have a great weekend yourself and that's it for this bulletin of join us today with me Daniel desi our top story this our men's gold CEO Nana payments are granted 1 billion City bill and is to provide 5 charities with 3 to be justified the case has been adjourned to August 12 for more news log on to my Jo neighbor come up next is the marketplace have a great day you

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