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what are you watching alright so this is from my this is from my is from my one and only song that I know how to sing and it goes a little something like this hey ready yes sunday was sunny a high of 73 a Monday rain was pouring down on me Tuesday was cold I almost froze my toes homie next week who knows that's where the oh that's the weather you got oh baby but you think about your weather and yeah averages together what is your sign wait I thought you were talking about when I was asking like what you believe in that's when i intuited you were a Virgo because you you seemed grounded and that's an earth sign and like you seem like you're looking to fix situations which is a Virgo thing and I feel like you were so logical and science is all about logic and kind of rules that the earth has set yeah woah yeah so you take those put them in your hands are you left or right-handed right okay so put them in your left hand and then you're gonna push the cards into this hand this is like your receiving hand and yeah just like get to know the cards feel them around and while you're doing that let's think what what do you want to ask about you can be specific or general and we can workshop it anything you want guidance on yeah this week this is micro this is like in yes in a good way to do it okay I think I need to know okay probably do I know maybe say that let's see us let's see if you're right yeah yeah yeah keep going and then once you're done fan them out so that the faces of the cards are facing your heart and then we're gonna do a deep inhale and hold it at the top the cards you need to know for this week does Josh need to know to get through this week some guidance we both helping trips Wow which we just talked about with two episodes ago and when we got here today I was like I wonder if mal was I know I had a my go ow mother earth oh wow okay so mother earth it says you are called upon to help with environmentalism Wow yeah Wow would you just describe the photo oh yeah there is a lovely woman with a headdress on of some kind and a robe holding up the earth with a mountain mm-hmm clouds behind her I'm still in shock yeah cuz literally you were like that you saw the jumping car and you're like that's the Cardinals like no no no this is it that's like she knows wow oh my god okay message from Mao whoa there's no greater cause today than giving back to your mother and rekindling a friendship with the sole heir and the earth is the life force for material life and there's no sense in continuing a downward spiral of dirtying the planet with further pollution your contribution is necessary no matter how small you make a huge difference in this planet's welfare through small and simple changes in how you operate it's worth it believe me and I will help you accomplish this goal in all ways I'm still in shock I mean this is just to me so affirmative that to get through this week it's just like remembering the mission hmm keeping the mission at heart and like what did it just say about the way you operate if you make a huge difference in this planet's welfare through small and simple changes in how you operate but you do much more than small and simple changes because this is your job but sometimes that's you know sometimes I miss those you know I'm so busy thinking about the the big stuff everything that the little things kind of get by me this week is about like keeping it trying to keep it simple and grounded while remembering the mission yeah okay so let's see what the various meanings are okay various meanings your life's purpose involves environmentalism we got that use earth friendly products recycle get involved with an environmental group teach others about environmentalism I mean how does it feel pulling this card without using that's really cool yeah that's really what did you think when you were gonna answer well you know I have a laundry list of stuff like work-related stuff and I think I think what it it's a reminder that I I can't get overly caught up with all the you know all the stuff on my to-do list and I have to take a minute and take care of the earth yeah and just remember that like you this is affirmative you you literally re are doing all the things I feel like this card is a reminder that like you're on the right track you're on the right side give yourself credit this week yeah yeah um about mal whoo she's the West African moon goddess who's believed to have created all life with her husband the Sun God Liza ma who helps those who call upon her to learn how to live in harmony with nature and to respect its resources she ensures that our needs are abundantly supplied without causing harm to the planet wow that's beautiful I feel like you should almost like keep a chant or a rhythm of like Maui when you get overwhelmed this week you just be like I'm doing good doing like instead of goosfraba this is are you as like in shock has been following me lately so when I envisioned pulling it and then I pulled it as like well okay could you just you know say thank you to Maui however you feel like you can touch the card hug the card whatever feels like you mo Thank You Mel

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