Jordyn Woods Focused on Her Future Post-Tristan Thompson Drama (Exclusive)

the trailer dropped today from the Kardashian would you think when you saw that you know everyone has their truth in their story and so how do you feel that you're being portrayed in this hopefully like myself and you know the real me will shine and hopefully everyone finds peace in their truth I feel like you've moved on like this is like you are not going backwards well life moves on money doesn't stop world doesn't stop and hopefully everyone is just you know going forward from what's next where do you want to go what are you gonna do hopefully the sky's the limit so just keep going keep working trying new things getting into acting I have my activewear line more designing and just really moving forward and keeping positive people around me I sense that this is a real positive Bob that you have going on is that what it's about yeah life is short you know tomorrow is not promised so just always say as positive as possible

  • Well……she was for along time around the K's so we assume she knows now how to make money and a career. She must concentrate on doing just that without them in her life.
    And stay away from stupid men.

  • What was the point of this interview? To say pointless nonsense about everyone speaking their own personal truth 🙄 (it’s not there truth, it’s THE truth) she comes off so fake just like when she went on the red table talk.

  • Am I the only person who thinks her comment about making money was strange? What is she implying? She used them to support her lifestyle before but now she's making her own money? She is only getting jobs because of the drama. She has no personality and her speech is so slow and monotone. If you think about…they are STILL supporting her lifestyle lol.

  • That man BEEN disrespecting Khloe way before the Jordyn incident. For them three evil ass bitches to get up on camera and demonize this girl it’s ridiculous. Khloe save your tears, we don’t feel sorry for you. You knew what you were getting into after the first few times the whole world caught him cheating on you…. ON CAMERA. Girl bye.

  • I don't know why she didn't say sorry. She clearly did not value her friendships. No one would know or care about Jordyn if it was not for Kylie and the Kardashians.

  • My gawd how many quotes can you come out with lol…. She's what about 21 and her tittys are already heading to her knee's… Strap those spanials ears up girl

  • I feel like Jordyn is happy to not be in Kylie’s shadow anymore and she can become a huge star ⭐️ without the Kardashian’s help

  • I’m glad this happened she was trapped in drama now she’s free doing living her best life . She’s a beautiful lady . Love you jordi ❤️stay positive ur right the sky is the limit

  • Destroyed a family… " ya know, money doesn't stop" blah blah. Zero accountability for her actions. Made a mess & left others to fix it. Let her & her saggy boobs try and find some positive ppl to have around her. No one trusts you now. Such a fucking CHILD. I love how she keeps saying "speak their truth" so much yet she lied about what happened over and over.

  • She’s moved on. She’s an actress now 😂 she got to try it during the red table talk interview and she realise “man, i can act people believes me. I can make money out of it” 😂

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