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John Waite Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

We’re backstage at the Grammys with John Waite from the Babies, Bad English That’s me. and your Doc Martins. And my Doc Martins Which I love these. They’re making a comeback let me tell you. They were free. A friend of mine gave
them to me. Works for me. Free goods. And now you have a new album. You recorded in Nashville and added some new sounds? It’s called “Rough and Tumble” and it’s gonna cut live and the songs are very strong. It a, it just kind of happened. I got working with Kyle Cook from Matchbox 20. We did, we wrote four songs. We recorded five songs in Nashville. Then I brought my band together in LA and we cut the rest of it in about four days. Wow. But I got lucky on the songs. Does it change? Does it ever, it doesn’t get old? No, it’s just the faces change. Yeah. You know, the faces change. It’s like a whole new slew of people coming
in and somebody gets nominated and you see all the great people come. The ones that win sometimes are . not quite who you thinks going to win. But, I think being nominated is pretty cool. It is And everybody gets in the spotlight for like a night and it’s cool for everybody I think. There you go. So when can we check out your album? It comes out the twenty second of this month, “Rough and Tumble”. Go listen. Thank you. Thank you John. God bless you. God bless you. Thank you. Thank you. Turbo Tax is the official sponsor of youtubes
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