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John Travolta Calls Idina Menzel “Adele Dazeem” at Oscars

also really weird video from John
Travolta John Travolta he already freaks me out with this whole
scientology thing and I feel horrible about the fact that he lost a son and it’s unclear whether his Scientology
beliefs played a role in in the death of his son and he went up there to introducing her
Idina Menzel and he seemed to be sry Lee struggling
reading from the teleprompter and referring to her as it sounds to me adele’s dizzy listen to this for country view there’ll always be a special place
in my heart for the movie musical into the songs
they create the most memorable moments can perform the oscar-nominated gorgeous
the empowering song let it go from the oscar-winning
animated movie frozen please welcome the wickedly
talented 1n only attended does the clearly he’s a
huge fan like he makes himself out to be completely perplexed by what her name is
but he just thinks she’s wickedly good he looks really flustered I and he that’s not the only point at which
messes up while while reading of the teleprompter it could have been an
error I with what was typed on a teleprompter bright I don’t know it very strange the
year that you’re telling me maybe the teleprompter instead of Idina Menzel did
say adele’s dizzy maybe at possible at
around we can see it there’s also a new Twitter account for a
Dell Adele busy year adele’s as the I don’t know exactly how it’s spelled but
that that’s a Twitter account that’s really doing quite well to anyway II otherwise I don’t really
care that much about the oscars it’s mostly white men over 70 years old who
vote on this thing and I just quite frankly I’m finding
myself not caring that much about it so on that note we’ll take a
break and then we’ll talk about something truly important which is the Keystone XL


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