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John Lithgow Talks ‘Bombshell’ Movie, New Book On President Donald Trump | NBC News Now

  • John's such a funny, intelligent man. I expect Trumplethinskin will be ranting and raving on Twitter shortly.

  • Anonymous means unaccountable. Propaganda book is trying to blame an administration for all government incompetence.

  • so, how is that BIDEN DERANGEMENT SYNDROME working out for you republicans? like a circular firing squad, you say?

  • Good news is that America and the world LOVES President Trump.
    He's made publishers great again. They're all voting TRUMP 2020! Because WINNING is more fun!!!! #walkaway

  • Donald Trump is the WORST president in United States history, here's the PROOF:

    – Put the US in more debt than every president before him combined
    – Killed thousands of middle eastern women and kids by droning countries we shouldn't have been in
    – Built cages for and imprisoned thousands of illegal immigrants with little food and water
    – Multiple oil and foreign business scandals
    – Highest black unemployment rate since before Civil Rights acts were passed
    – More on-average terror attacks (yearly) than any other president in history
    – Vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline
    – Abandoned key allies like Israel to appease his party's irrational demands to get the Muslim vote upon re election
    – Biggest health care FAIL any president has ever had

    Did I say Donald Trump? Oops I meant BARACK OBAMA…. All of these are true. Please google search every single one of these points if you don't believe me. Obama is a coward and easily the worst president we've had in modern America. And that's saying alot considering Bush idiotically fumbled Katrina relief and invaded the wrong country after 9/11.

  • Sad to see another great actor catch DeNiro’s Disease !

    You know I remember-reading Maureen Dowd’s book lambasting GW Bush – I came away with the impression she was diminished – and merely came off as a mean girl petulant child – this is not satire -this is venom from an unbalanced mind

    His smug elitist manner proves it….

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