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Joey King Reveals the Hardest Part About “The Act” | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Joey King is joining me now. Wow! Joey King. I saw you out of the corner of my eye. You look amazing.
-Mwah! Thank you! You too! -Nice to see you again.
-Thank you. You too. -How´s everything?
-Everything´s good. -How are you feeling? -I´m feeling — I am good. I am feeling good. I am, like, a little jittery but in, like, the good way.
You know what I mean? -Yeah. You look gorgeous tonight. Who is this dress? -I am wearing Iris van Herpen.
-Wow. -I´m gonna do a little twirl. -Gor– This is — This is art. This is like a work of art.
-You guys, stop! -Stop! It is absolutely stunning.
-Thank you so much. -Is this the sort of dress you put on and you go, “This is
the one”? -Absolutely. My stylist Jared Ang, he grabbed this,
grabbed the Harry Winston jewels. I put it on, and I was like, “Yep, this is the look.” So, I´m so excited to be wearing this and to be here
tonight. -And it´s so great having you here and nominated Lead
Actress in “The Act,” which is, obviously, such an intense series. -Yes. -What would you say was one of your biggest challenges
taking on the role? -I think the biggest challenge for me was that there was
such an abundance of footage online of Gypsy in real life and that people were able to directly compare my performance
to real footage of her. And so, just making sure I would get a lot of the nuances
right, getting her mannerisms down. That was so important to me. And so, I think that that was the most rewarding and
challenging part of the whole thing. -Now here you are with a Golden Globe nomination for the
role. -And now here I am.
-And now here you are. And you actually posted when you got nominated for an Emmy.
-Yes. -What was your reaction when you heard you were nominated
for the Globe? -Oh, my God. So, I was in Japan, and it was in the middle of
the night. So, but I was live-streaming on my phone, and I started,
like, screaming. And I was in bed, and I started jumping on the bed. It was just, like, the best — the best moment. I was so, so excited. -And I´m sure what also makes all of this so great and the
best is you share a lot with your sister. You guys are really close.
-Yes. -She´s in the business, as well, of course.
-Yes, she is. -What did — How nice is it having your sister by your side? -It´s amazing. I mean, her and I, we´re so supportive of one
another. I always feel like I have — I mean, both of my sisters,
they´re such cheerleaders for me, and I just — I mean, we were getting ready together today. They´re not with me today. My mom´s with me, which is
amazing. But we were all, like, in the kitchen together, eating
croissants. Just, like, it was — They´re the best, and I feel so lucky
to have them. -Is your mom here with you right now?
-She´s right over there on her phone. -Hi, Mom. Is that her? Hi, Mom! How are you? -Look at her face!
-She´s so sweet. -She was like, “Hi!”
-Well, good to see you. Thank you so much. I´ll see you soon, okay?
-Thank you. It was so good to see you.


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