Joe Pesci Salutes Martin Scorsese at the AFI Life Achievement Award

ladies and gentlemen Joe Pesci it's not easy without a director I'm just gonna start Marty if you see any adjustments I need to make just jump right in not you Bob you get your chance later when we were filming the fight scenes for Raging Bull Marty as all of us like the reality I took a major beating from Bob fell to the canvas when a right cross unexpectedly and solidly connected I arrived on the floor and pain with a broken rib cursing and spitting Marty just continued filming no standing 8-count nothing he didn't realize I was hurt neither do Bob he just thought I was terrific and I was acting though Bob this kids really good then on casino I took a major beating from a couple of 275 pound heifers who fell on me the wrong way cracking the same rig again I arrived on the floor in pain cursing screaming spitting kicking yelling this time Marty yells be in the moment don't act behave another great performance so I've come to the conclusion great movies broken ribs casino Goodfellas cracked ribs my cousin Vinnie one rib and a vertebrae the super and Jimmy Hollywood I came out virtually unscathed but because of Marty's uncompromising dedication to the truth of a story I'd break a rib for him again tomorrow or any day now for his honesty candor and friendship Marty earns and deserves our respect he embodies the true definition of Don Don Scorsese


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