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Jodie Comer Holds Tight to Her Emmy Trophy | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Welcome back.
We are live with Jodie Comer, fresh off of your Emmy win. -[ Chuckles ]
-Congratulations, doll. -Thank you so much.
-Oh, my God. You are holding on tight to this thing. You know it’s real? You won.
-It’s also very heavy. Like, I’ve not figured out how to hold it properly yet. But, yeah, can’t quite believe it. -What emotions are you feeling? -I actually don’t really know.
I’m still trying to take it all in. I’m just extremely overwhelmed and so grateful ’cause I was not expecting this at all, yeah. -This is your first Emmy, your first nomination.
-Yeah. -I mean, how exciting, how scary is it? Like, I’m sure a million thoughts
are going through your mind. -Yeah, it’s strangely terrifying, and also, like, I had a real air of calm about me today because I just didn’t think it would be me. So I kind of just took a seat back. And [Chuckles], yeah,
and then I’m here with you, having this chat. -Hello. Here we are.
-Yeah. -Who’s the first person
who texted you and congratulated you? -I haven’t looked on my phone yet, probably. I have rung my mum and dad,
so they’re the people I spoke to. But it’s kind of buzzing away at the minute,
with everyone being back home in the U.K. probably all extremely drunk
because of the time difference. But they’ve all stayed up and watched it,
which is extremely cute. -That is so epic. How are you going to celebrate? Are you gonna hang with Mom and Dad?
Are you gonna go out tonight? -Mum and Dad, they’re in the U.K.,
so, no, it’s not with them. But I am gonna have a few drinks, for sure.
Food’s first. I’m so hungry, always. -What’s the meal you’re just dying to have right now?
Because I know I’m craving a cheeseburger. What about you?
-[ Chuckling ] I will eat anything at this point. -Get this woman some food, please. Do we even know where we’re putting this when we get home? -I’m still home with Mum and Dad, so it will be at Mum and Dad’s house,
on a shelf somewhere, probably. -I’m sure they’re at home right now,
clearing off the bookshelves. They’re finding some type of little podium just for this. -Yeah, I guess so. Yeah.
-Wow. Congratulations, lady. Enjoy.
-Thank you.


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