Jocko Podcast 173 w/ Ron Shurer, Medal Of Honor Recipient: Fighting Up-Hill Battles.

  • If I was a millionaire I would pay jocks SOOOO MUCH money to just hold my phone and read every text to me in his dramatic reading voice.

  • So wait… The secret service was made to fight counterfeiting? Holy crap, when did they do the 180 degrees? !! The Federal Reserve is basically a printing machine.

  • Why are Americans like this not on Wheaties boxes instead of some over inflated ego sports (star),hats off to you sir,when I get down and out about the direction our countries headed,I hear stories like this that renew my faith

  • The thing i dont get is why not give the citizens guns as well? Capture one area, give them guns then move to the next.

  • All that served thank you….. I so thankful, but sad that y’all come to New Orleans to get your training

  • You can't look at a man and see the size of their heart and the scope of their spirit. What an honor and privilege to listen to Ron Shurer.

  • I’m a future ranger medic going to BCT in July so hearing his story is so inspiring for me! Much respect for Shurer🙌🏼👍🏼

  • Listen. I don't now where to put this. Jocko, if you can find a living merchant marine veteran of ww2 then you could shine a light on an unheard of branch of service during the 2nd world war. My grandpa served in the us maritime service/ merchant marine. I am a us merchant mariner. It's way different now but the core is the same. In peace or war, we deliver. ww2 merchant marine/ maritime service is on another level. My understanding is that the us merchant marine in ww2 is second only to the marine corp in causalities per capita. Edit just to say there is a book called heroes in dungarees. Never found it myself…

  • Whoever thought this mission was a good idea should have been fired. A day time raid on a compound high above their starting point. Makes absolutely no sense. If you watch the combat footage from that day it looks like an absolute suicide mission.

  • I’ve been thinking about this since these wars have started. I’m not former military or a police officer. What’s inside someone to run towards a gunfight? Ever since war has been around people have been running to the fight. I think it’s more than just training or courage. When you deploy to a war area do you stay nervous or scared for the entire deployment? I don’t know if I could have been that mentally tough enough to do the same thing as armed servicemen do daily. Thank you to all that has served

  • If guys didn’t figure out how humble Ron really is….read the Medal of Honor description. During the mission, Ron himself killed a bunch of guys and it wasn’t even mentioned once during this interview.

  • Danger’s Hour by Maxwell Taylor Kennedy about the kamikaze attack on the USS Bunker Hill. A great book! As the reader you are exposed to this horrific event from both sides. My wife’s grandfather served on the Bunker Hill and survived the attack. He shared some of his personal stories with the family much later in his life, and reading this book years after hearing him talk brought an even crazier perspective to what he and all the men on board endured.

  • I have a special place in my heart for medics and doctors, both civilian and military thanks for your service of badassery! Cheers lads!

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