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Joaquin Phoenix Joker In For An Oscar?!

So the new Joker premiered at the Venice Film
Festival and it looks like we may already have the winner of next year’s Oscars. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was so well
received by the audience and the critics that he is already being tipped for awards. What did Joaquin Phoenix do to prepare for
the role of Joker that hopefully will win him an Oscar? It’s Marky Mark and right before Joker will
hit the cinemas I’m gonna tell you about Joaquin Phoenix’s extreme preparations for
the role of Joker. If you don’t believe that the new Joker
has the potential to head straight to the Oscars, the premiere of the movie got an 8-minute
standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival for Joaquin Phoenix, the director Todd Phillips
and the story they created for Batman’s villain. The second screening of the movie also got
loud applause at the end when Phoenix’s name appeared in the closing credits. The buzz has been growing around the movie
ever since it was announced as a part of the lineup and it probably had been the most anticipated
premiere at the Venice Film Festival. So Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is already
being branded Oscar-worthy but would you guess that the actor was really hesitant and scared
to take on the role? But he still went to extreme lengths to prepare
for the role of the iconic DC villain, Arthur Fleck, a mentally troubled man who is a failed
stand-up comedian and the struggles in his professional and personal life push him to
become the infamous killer clown. Many actors have already had their own take
on the Joker so how will Phoenix make it different from the other versions of the villain? The actor said that he didn’t let himself
be influenced by previous versions of Joker. The fun in making this movie was that he was
going to approach it in his own way especially that they didn’t follow the comic books. Is this a good thing or should they have stuck
to the original? Joaquin said that he wrote his own story of
how Joker became who he is. The actor said that he identified Arthur as
a particular personality but he also wanted the freedom to create something that wasn’t
identifiable. So because Joker is a fictional character,
Joaquin didn’t want a psychiatrist to be able to identify what kind of person he was
because, after all, Joker is a complicated villain and it’s not possible to put any
labels on him. To deliver the best version of his own Joker
Joaquin Phoenix revealed that to prepare for the role, he read a book on political assassins
to get a sense of such killers as Joker and their motivations. But believe me, this really is nothing! Besides reading, the actor lost a worrying
amount of weight to prepare for the role. The director revealed that Joaquin Phoenix
lost 52 pounds before they started shooting the movie. A big part of the preparation for the role
was learning the Joker’s specific laugh, voice and fashion style. The actor explained that owning the villain’s
signature laugh needed to be something that’s almost painful because for Joker pain is a
part of him. Can you believe that such an experienced actor
thought he couldn’t learn the laugh? Phoenix said he practiced alone but he asked
the director to come over and audition his laugh because he felt like he had to be able
to do it on the spot and in front of somebody else and it was a really uncomfortable experience. Would you think that an actor who has already
been nominated for 3 Oscars would feel intimidated by any roles? This is how Joaquin was with Joker but actually
that’s why he ended up signing on for the project. Even though the actor has a lot of experience
he admitted he was terrified by the idea of playing one of the most iconic villains of
all time. Phoenix said that when he was first asked
to portray Joker he hesitated because this wasn’t the first time he was offered a role
of a comic book character. Previously he was considered for the role
of Doctor Strange but he passed because he was afraid that a movie run by a huge studio
would restrict his freedom as an actor. Does this mean that Joker will be a one time
deal for Joaquin Phoenix? Maybe after the praise from the critics, Phoenix
will change his mind? Following the first screenings of the movie
at the Venice Festival, the critics said that Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was riveting,
fully realized and Oscar-worthy. Another critic said that it’s a dark, disturbing,
brutal and sad story about an abused man who doesn’t start living until he’s dead inside. Besides that Phoenix’s performance has been
branded stunning, fearsome and gripping, and The Hollywood Reporter added that the actor
plays Joker with a “simmering psychosis” and it’s arguably the best Batman-related
movie since The Dark Knight. If this doesn’t mean that Joaquin Phoenix
has at least an Oscar nomination in the bag then I don’t know what to tell you. It turns out that Joaquin Phoenix had nothing
to be afraid of. The movie is getting amazing reviews and was
very well received at the Venice Film Festival. So will Heath Ledger, who posthumously won
a best supporting actor Oscar for his portrayal of Joker, be followed by Joaquin Phoenix? Will the movie be as well received by the
regular movie fans? Are you looking forward to seeing it? Let me know what you think in the comments
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