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Joanna Lumley introduces the BAFTA awards 2019 – BBC

Honestly you are such a clever and talented bunch, and if was up to me you’d all get an award. Which is presumably why it’s not up to me. But let’s see which brave souls have battled through the english weather in a chauffeur
driven limousine to be here this evening. Bradley Cooper is here. Bradley. CHEERING He has been nominated for five categories, which makes him a multi-talented genius. Though it does
also probably mean that he needs to learn how to delegate. And from The Favourite: Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz are here. CHEERING With their director Yorgos Lanthimos. It was a truly great film and such mesmerising performances. And actually what a master stroke to have
called it ‘The Favourite’. Next year no doubt there’ll be a film called ‘And the BAFTA goes to’. And star of Stan and Ollie Steve Coogan is here. CHEERING He was utterly amazing as Stan Laurel
wasn’t he? And I’m also indebted to him for helping me on with my Queen Anne outfit earlier. Thank you Steve, that’s another fine dress you got me into. Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala
Ali are here ladies and gentlemen! CHEERING They were just sublime in Green Book. Undertaking a perilous journey round America’s deep south and hoping to get home in time for Christmas, which we should just about manage ourselves, as long as you keep your speeches short. And we’re honoured to have the director and one of the stars of BlacKkKlansman here. Spike Lee and Adam Driver. CHEERING It’s an incredible film. It’s already won many awards, though to be honest I’m surprised that it did so well at the klan film festival. Yes, alright. The Wife’s here. The fabulous Glenn Close. CHEERING It was a wonderful film and I imagine there are a lot of men here this evening who’ve already moved onto the sequel: The Second Wife. And the first lady of First Man, acting royalty Claire Foy is here. CHEERING And Claire darling, if you should be
lucky enough to win tonight, just make your way out of your row, along the isle and then it’s one small step and one giant leap onto the stage. And I see a little silhouetto of a man! It’s Rami Malek! CHEERING What a performance and what a moustache! And Rami, what teeth! I mean awesome! I had to use orange peel when I was doing that. And from Vice we have Christian
Bale and Amy Adams! CHEERING As a true method actor, Christian seemed to actually transform into
Dick Cheney. He gained weight, shaved his head and instigated an illegal war. Now that’s commitment. And I wouldn’t be forgiven if I didn’t mention Richard E. Grant. CHEERING Where are you Richard? Where are you? What a performance. Honestly an actor can wait decades for a role like that. Just slightly less time than you had to wait for a reply from Barbra Streisand, wasn’t it darling? What’s that, 44 years? You know. But it’s lovely to see Babs getting
round to doing her correspondence. Well done sweetheart. Makes me feel like a saint actually. The astonishing Viola Davis is here, star of the thrilling Widows! CHEERING A fantastic female heist movie, and it’s great to see parts that are normally played by men given to women. After all, it is important for female bank robbers to have role models too. And now, Roma. What a film, and we are blessed to have with us: CHEERING Director Alfonso Cuarón and leading actors Yalitza Aparicio in what was her first ever film role, and the gorgeous Marina de Tavira. And it could be a very busy evening for all of them. And actually for Alfonso
in particular as he’s been personally nominated in six different categories. One more than you, Bradley. Come on darling pull your finger out, sweetheart, next time.


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