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Joan Rivers & Melissa Rivers Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

I’m Oliver Trevena, here at the Young Hollywood studio with these lovely ladies. I shouldn’t even be here. You should be here. Young Hollywood, give me a break. Young Hollywood loves you. I love you. Young Hollywood loves me, but I shouldn’t be on any show called young. On the air at the Hollywood studios. Thank you. We’re with Joan and Melissa Rivers. How are you? Good. How are you? Good. We’ve got the Grammys and all that sorta stuff coming up.
Are you into the music and all that sort of stuff? Oh, the fashion at the Grammys, are the most fun. Exactly. Now that’s when the fashion comes out. I love the Grammys cause of all the
great combinations of singers they put together. Who would like to see get together? Oh gosh, I’ve seen some good ones. John Mayer is always good with anybody. On screen and off. Yes, of course. Well you know this year when I, Do you realize what a set up that was? Yeah, and I
didn’t even mean to set that up. That’s how like this we are. I threw it up and she slammed it. The thing about the Grammys is, one year a Cheryl Crow will come in jeans and a t-shirt and look fantastic and the next year she’ll come completely glam and you just never know what’s gonna walk, Katy Perry. Katy Perry. She’s changing so radical. Yeah and last year at the Grammys Katy Perry
came just all elegant and beautiful and caught everybody by surprise. She didn’t wear like a wacky outfit. Yeah. See and that’s the fun of awards season. Everybody’s like
who do you think who you rooting for. The ones that keep changing it up are
the ones you look forward to. Yeah. What I love about again the whole music scene is they have fun with it. They’re not so uptight. Well, unless they’re Kanya. Cause then nothing is fun. No Life is to be endured. Well first we have
to learn how to spell your name. That’s already an hour and a half.

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