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JLo To Get First Oscar Nom for Hustlers?!

So the Hustlers movie premiered at the Toronto
Film Festival and this year the award buzz has centered around Jennifer Lopez. Everyone believes that her performance as
a stripper in Hustlers will finally get her first Oscar nomination. How did it happen that all the awards have
always escaped JLo? It’s Marky Mark and I’m gonna tell you
why Jennifer Lopez will own next year’s Oscars! Jennifer Lopez without a doubt is an icon,
an underrated one to be honest. Her music is iconic in pop culture and how
did it happen that she’s never even won a Grammy?! She’s also been in the acting business for
ages but all she got was a Golden Globe nomination for her iconic role of Selena Quintanilla! And why is it so that Jennifer got only one
movie award? Did the critics think her acting wasn’t
good enough before? Or is it because she mostly starred in rom-coms
that by the way are iconic as well? Or maybe it’s because she’s Latina and
Hollywood doesn’t like that? But things may change soon after JLo’s Hustlers
performance. In the movie, Jennifer plays Ramona, a stripper
who is the head of a successful strip club who rips off her Wall Street clients with
the help of her crew. The movie was so well received that it got
a standing ovation that lasted through the credits and Jennifer’s solo striptease scene
got mid-film applause. The critics agreed with the applause because
after the premiere the reviews praised JLo’s role and called it some of the best work of
her career. Does this mean that soon she will finally
get the awards she deserves? We’ll see but this is where the Oscars talk
started. Movie websites quickly announced that JLo
genuinely deserved to be next year’s Oscar nominee for Hustlers. Also the fans who saw the movie excitedly
crowned her with their own award nominations on Twitter. A few years ago Jennifer revealed that she’s
had the Academy Award on her mind for years. When asked if she wanted an Oscar, she obviously
replied that everyone who had taken acting seriously would love to be recognized in that
way. So how does she feel now that her name is
being mentioned next to the Academy Award? Jennifer Lopez admitted that she was overwhelmed
by the reviews that surrounded her performance in Hustlers. In an interview on SiriusXM she got so emotional
while talking about it that she almost shed a few tears. It’s because she’s been working hard for
her whole life and it was nice that some important people in the industry noticed it because
obviously being at the Oscars was her dream when she was a little girl. JLo did some serious preparations for Hustlers
though. She’s already very fit but she revealed
that pole dancing was something that she’d never tried before. But she still managed to make herself look
like a pro in a matter of months. To be exact she started pole training two
and a half months before filming the movie. JLo and her coach trained two or three times
a week and they had to find time for it in between the singer’s busy schedule. So because Jennifer was on tour, she made
sure she had a pole in every city she was in and her trainer would go to her wherever
she was. Can we already give her an award for this
dedication? And that isn’t all because to be able to
train Jennifer set up poles in her house. Her training didn’t start off easy too because
right from the start her trainer put her in 6-inch heels and even though she dances on
stage, she had to adjust to the height of the shoes. Even with no experience in pole dance, her
background in performing gave her the confidence that made her look like she’s been doing
pole dance for ages. But while preparing for her role JLo didn’t
only learn the dance but also did some serious research with the help of her fiance Alex
Rodriguez. Lorene Scafaria, the director of the movie
revealed that Jennifer took her role very seriously so she and A-Rod visited actual
strip clubs to get some “insight.” So what came out of these very serious preparations? Well, the movie may not be what you expect. When I first heard of the Hustlers I honestly
thought that it would be like a female version of Magic Mike. But no, there’s more to it. Jennifer said that Hustlers is a universal
story about life, greed, and desperation. Besides JLo, the movie casts such amazing
actresses like Constance Wu, KeKe Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Julia Stiles and even Cardi
B who consider Hustlers a feminist film. One of the reasons is that they took women
who had previously been judged and shamed by society and introduced them as people instead
of as objects. Besides that, the movie is all starring women
and there’s really no main male characters. The director revealed that when she pitched
the idea of Hustlers, most studio execs were uncomfortable because the characters were
tough “anti-heroines” and it’s even harder to get a movie made about women who
do questionable things. I honestly didn’t think that Jennifer Lopez
was so underappreciated. Does she have a chance to be the first Latina
to win an Oscar for best actress? Are you looking forward to Hustlers premiere? Let me know what you think in the comments
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