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the name Harper may be popping up on birth certificates but there's still three things you will never see in Hollywood George Clooney remarried Jesse James Sandra Bullock reconciliation and a good Morgan Freeman impression actually make that two things you'll never see take a look Clarence has come false pleading project Clarence it's the viral video that's got everyone talking and how did in mine is hideous cries impressionist Jim mess cumin reciting Shakespeare as various celebrities and he showed us what he can do Russell Brand's incredibly you know androgynous feline energetic you know young star who's just fantastic I think yeah cool be royal have a big lovely shiny hat have a big gold stick it's necessary Jim's been doing impressions all his life the son of actress marion ross he's been around entertainment since happy days which starred Ron Howard I've been imitating him a long time because I know him and so you know I see the way you know talk to people and stuff the gym also does legendary storyteller Woody Allen I don't have a tough bone in my body I'm born coward the wonderful thing is he hasn't changed very much he's just he's turned into Owen Wilson which is cool i mean if you saw midnight in paris such a great movie come a long ways i guess i'm called on to do Robin Williams quite often my money a great personality I've met him a couple times lovely guy once a month he performs his one-man show called Jim pressions at the acting Center in Hollywood what a great success story is Arnold coming from Austria speaking no English becoming governor of California incredible it's a cool character I guess I don't have a particular favorite voice but I enjoy doing Morgan Freeman I don't do it usually in public in front of people the whole new generation of people stepping up saying going I can do that and look who is here with us now hello Jim hey great to be here Caitlin yeah thank you hi I'm Giuliana Leon it's a pleasure nice to meet you Jim okay first of all you're so talented it's when it goes and we heard some great impressions there now I hear you do a mean George Clooney well Giuliana I do oh I do in fact can you say Giuliana I love you because she's obsessed up without explain it's not normal close your eyes okay there you go Giuliana I I love you oh did you fall for oh not really rumor has it you can do actually voices of some of our e-news staff have been working on your voice a lot I don't pretty good when I do it is not gonna sound right to you anyway no matter how accurate i do it because you don't hear yourself that way that's true well maybe truly Ottawa okay yeah I charge a form anyway so say just say something you would normally how about this is he news okay les will see you news Oh see it's very different rebel spot on that is exactly how you sound really no not really well I do it again do it again Joe I was a little really invest your money news miss Cheerilee news that is what that is though Jason that's what you son you know that all right that is what you sound like yeah he's gonna need therapy after this okay I thought we do Ryan's voice since he's not around we could all make fun of it Ryan Seacrest the busiest man in the world who's on so many shows he's only got about two hours a day when he's not being recorded is that right nice time tho you gotta go down here and do it Oh Ryan's I'm with ya you see whatever we want all right well lot thank you so much for joining my pleasure my pleasure yeah nice to meet you


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