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Jennifer Lopez has been delivering since the beginning of her career everything from music to her iconic movies and of course fashion there's no denying that the Bronx native is a living legend let's be real can anyone do it better than Jen it's very good for my ego very flattering to me jennifer has been in the game for so long that we forget she has a come-up story way before J Lo's musical debut in 1999 she was a Fly Girl on in living color babyface Jen had to audition for roles just like everybody else Lopez gave it her all and it clearly paid off I'd saw them on TV the first season with three years ago you know I said to myself I can do that so when they had an additional 20 years later Jenny from the block is still giving us Flygirl moves from her music videos to center stage just like her music we all have our favorite JLo movies from Selena to monster-in-law her film catalog is one we can watch on we peak before becoming the famous Hollywood star we love today Lopez put in the work after leaving in living color to pursue her dream of becoming an actress the newbie turned down an ancing gig on Janet Jackson's tour to star in 1993's lost in the wild Jennifer's first big role is in 1995's my family returned her an Independent Spirit Award nom for Best Supporting female making her decision so worth it that same year she joined Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson in money train my character grace comes to work with them and they both kind of fall for her and through me you kind of see what their relationship is like and you know it's a story about brothers with over 36 movies under her belt Jenn continues to slay the big screen last year she released a second act with dff Leah Remini John and Maya's friendship is very much on the page the type of friendship that Leigh and I have this September her movie hustlers comes out where she plays a stripper and judging by the trailer she's definitely bringing her a-game ankle look knee hook come here you could do the carousel and rap just like her music and films Lopez's fashion has naturally evolved what is much pressure I think as everybody else puts on it we all remember her Jenny from the block days when Madonna's were life and who can forget that iconic green Versace dress while present-day JLo takes a more posh approach when it comes to her wardrobe we are still obsessed Lopez might have a more grown-up look but she continues to mesmerize us and yep she's still rocking those rock-hard ABS even though her style has changed Jen brings out her og JLo attire from time to time on stage talk about a real TBT all the latest hookups breakups or rest and so much more


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