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Jennifer Lopez Fails to Disguise Her Voice to Ellen

So there’s this new
game that we’re playing. It’s called The Voice
on the Phone, right? [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] All right. Yeah, I knew I would
be excited about it. So it’s The Voice on the Phone
and so someone will call me– a celebrity will call me– then I’m going to
have to guess who the voice of this– who this
person is that’s calling me. So whenever the phone rings. [RINGING] Oh, there it is now. OK. OK, let me pick up
this phone from 1970. Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello! Hello. Hi, I’m supposed to
guess who you are, but are you going to do
an accent the whole time, or are you going to
use your regular voice? I’m going to do an accent. OK. Are you a comedian? (TIMIDLY) Yes. Tell me a joke. [LAUGHTER] Yes? Give me a joke. Give me a joke. [LAUGHS] I already know who
it is by the laugh. It’s Jennifer Lopez. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Hello, Jennifer! How are you? I’m good, baby. How are you? I’m fantastic. So I texted you after I
saw Hustlers and told you how fantastic you are in it. Congratulations, you’re so– Thank you! –So good. Oh, that was so sweet. Thank you so much. Well, you’re amazing. And then I guess
I’m not the only one because I’m hearing
that you’re getting Oscar buzz for the performance. So I guess I’m no dummy. I know what a good
performance is. You know what you’re
talking about. I do know. Now, here’s another
thing I’m being told. This is all new information
because I didn’t know you were calling, honestly. But I’m being told that
there’s a possibility you’re going to do the Super Bowl. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] A lot of People
are asking me that. And? A lot of people are asking
me, I don’t know yet. I don’t know. Well first of all,
yes just do it. Let’s just say right now that
you’re doing it because, right? You want to put it out? You want to put it out there? Yeah. Let’s just announce
it that Jennifer Lopez is doing the Super Bowl. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] I don’t know that! Don’t make up stories. That’s amazing. Breaking news, we’re
the first to everyone. (LOUDLY) Stop! What? We’re setting the intention. We’re setting the intention,
you know how that is. You visualize, you
say it, and you will be amazing because there
is just no better performer. I mean you live is just
the best performance ever. Thank you, baby. I love you so much. Thank you. I love you too. I’m so happy for you. And this movie is
going to do so well. Your work in it is fantastic–
not just physically and what you accomplish in
it– but your acting is just so raw, and
real, and natural, and I just love you in it. So congratulations. Thank you, baby. All right. Thanks for calling. All right, baby. Have fun. All right, bye. Bye. We’ll be right back.


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