Jennifer Garner's Oscar Dress Caused a Big Bathroom Emergency

  • Y'all are saying that because Ben is Batman he can get any woman he wants? How shallow are you people. Any woman that dates him because he's batman is not looking for anything longterm.

  • Wait, what's the big deal about friends helping you with your underwear? If they're really your friends I don't see the issue whatsoever… we all look the same under our clothes, calm down. Helping each other doesn't make you gay or violated in some way?!

  • A similar thing happened to me at MegaCon. I was in a ballgown with a corset, Spanx, a hoop skirt, and two overskirts. My friend had to hold up all the layers for me to go to the bathroom. xD When I wore the outfit again at a Renaissance fair, I thought, "Oh, I just won't drink anything all day so I won't have to use the restroom." Bad idea in the Florida heat. Ended up super dehydrated. No fun.

  • She seems like a wonderful person. Girlfriends do stuff for each other that defies retelling. This story though made me sad. Beauty, fashion sh/not be torture to gain ‘’a waist,’ a smaller size, 5 inch heels or anything else that would not contribute to your well-being. Seemed like a “just say no” opportunity to teach her fans and children.

  • Literally none of my girlfriends would hesitate to do that for me. Women aren’t afraid to help in very uncomfortable situations

  • My best friend, the best I've ever had, once dug a tampon out of my vagine after I drunkenly forgot it was in there before having sex with a huge dick (literally, in both senses). Anyways, my trash bipolar self had numerous mental breakdowns, did a lot of bad shit, got in trouble with the law, etc, as slightly predicted by previous behaviour. And we haven't talked in a couple years and I still hate myself for it. Magdalen, of u out there gurl, u deserve a better friend.

  • okay so 70% of the comments are abt Ben Affleck (lemme just say ehem irrelevant), the other 30% abt how cute and pretty she is (for her age??? like wdym guys, beauty has no age) and here I am why a person has to overgo such a disastrous and totally unhealthy procedure just to look "pretty". I really invest my hopes in new generation celebrities who promote healthy body images and health generally

  • It's actually true that historicay corsets really made women's organs move from their original position and caused their bodies to have so many health problems

  • Ben Affleck is an idiot. No person is perfect but she is darn close, and he has been nothing but a douche. She stood by him and got him in rehab and he still wanted to play the field after having 3 kids. Lost all respect for him.

  • She is so adorable and cute. She definately does not look her age…but most celebs do not. We all know why…or most of us do, I guess. Either way, Ben really messed up by losing her. She seems so down to earth and seems like so much fun to be around. I would love to be friends with her. And NOT for any funny reason like the bathroom incident lol. She is just freakin awesome!

  • undergarments of today for women are classless, most of them now dress showing even more than a normal under garment. no more class on most. this lady is so lovely

  • I find it ridiculous that Hollywood put these actors/actresses in ridiculous outfits that they can't even breath/pee in, just to reduce their waist by 2 inches. These people are already very thin, go through training and dieting before award shows, and have costumes/makeup that emphasizes their best attributes. NOBODY cares about the additional 2 inches you pinch with metal body suits. Even worse is that regular people will try to look like that, without realizing that these shapes are simply not achievable even by celebrities with all their will and resources.

  • This story is pretty sad. Why aren’t men in Hollywood required to do things like this?! She looks amazing and still her body needs to be caged into something so uncomfortable which has the potential to cause a lot of damage. I didn’t find anything funny about this 😐

  • I lover her, but this story is just absolutely ridiculous!!! She has an amazing body, she does not have a waste and needs a metal corset? Smh. If this really happened that's a story not to be told, ever! because it's embarrassing she went along with the designer, she did not need that, you can clearly see that with the dress she was wearing in this show.

  • I don't understand why that dress needed that much help. I mean surely— that just means the dress is pretty shit? It's not like she doesn't have a great figure.

  • This woman is genuinely SUCH an interesting person to talk to… I could listen to her storytelling forever and not be bored the slightest

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