Jenna Marbles and Eva Gutowski Present the Comedy Award to Liza Koshy – Streamy Awards 2017

even I are here to present the Streamy Award for comedy originally the writers wanted to do something a little bit catty but you know that's not us exactly mrs. Obama cringe compilation year number two coming here we go mrs. Obama said when they go low we go high so I was supposed to say low like your subscriber count' high like mine but girl you know I would never write and since we're presenting the award for comedy I was supposed to ask why they didn't pair me with someone who's actually funny but I told him no I love Jenna she's my girl you know that's right girl and you look hot okay here's roosterteeth to present the nominees for comedy [Applause] comedy hello everyone we're here today to announce the nominees for the Comedy Award at the streamys hey we were nominated right do me this show you know oh hey but you know who was tell me h3h3 productions when is the h3 sex tape dropping probably in about three years I suspect that's when we'll hit rock bottom Lord clearly but you know the alphabet has 21 letters Gracie's sorry I forgot you are a cutie I'll get the D later Liza Co see you don't thought I was coming to a dollar store it's a 99 cent store it's cheaper than I thought I can afford more now good rudy mancuso and sugar pine seven well everything worked out the poster though good luck I guess nominate us next time jerks and the Streamy goes to [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh comedy what the hello please thank you guys so much I gotta make this speech good and quick because last year the gun fell out of my mouth God God we can't have that happen again um thank you guys so so much it is amazing to accept an award yet again in front of the people that I stalk every single day on the toilet I very very much appreciate you and Lily sing I will give this back to you later baby I'm sorry I had to borrow it for tonight thank you jon cozart thank you all so much I wanna thank my amazing team at CAA I wanna thank my amazing manager who believes in me even when I don't know who me is split personality disorder sorry and thank you everybody here thank you guys and have an amazing night


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