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Jeff Bezos Receives the HRC National Equality Award

Well a huge thank you to the HRC. And a big thank you to Jennifer. I’ve been lucky to know you Jennifer for
twenty years now – and have seen first-hand how your passion
and determination have changed lives and promoted equality in Washington State and throughout
the LGBTQ community. Thank you Jennifer for everything you’ve
done and for everything you continue to do. It’s so much. I also want to recognize the Amazonians who
are here tonight and who work on equality and inclusion every day at Amazon: –  There are a bunch of members of our affinity
group, GLAmazon, here. Whoo! – Our diversity director, Latasha Gillespie,
thank you Latasha. – And of course the brilliant storytellers
from Transparent, including Jeffrey Tambor, whose remarkable portrayal of Maura Pfefferman
has touched so many of us. Thank you Jeffrey. I am very proud of the work you all do every
day to improve Amazon and to improve our larger community. Amazon has more than 500,000 employees worldwide
– and from our earliest days, we have been committed
to equality in our workplace. We want our employees to be empowered to speak
their mind and to be heard. Every Amazonian should feel comfortable sharing
their unique perspectives and every Amazonian should seek out the perspectives of others. We want our employees – and the communities
where we operate – to embrace that we’re all human, we’re
all different, and we’re all equal. At Amazon, equality is a core value for us,
and it is simply right. Yet inequality persists in many forms across
our communities. And we must never just look – we must expose
it, understand it,
question it, and fix it. And we are, and I mean everyone in this room
and beyond. After decades of fighting, marriage has become
a right for all Americans. And across the United States, more people
now support gay and trans rights than ever before. I believe the ideal of equality is ingrained
deep within all of us. Children accept one another for who they are
– gay, transgender, straight. They think of their friends as people with
individual identities, experiences, weaknesses, and strengths. They inherently understand the concept of
human equality – it’s innate. We live in a more accepting world than our
grandparents. And our grandchildren will live in an even
more accepting world – where they’ll be embraced for who they are, how they identify,
and who they love. I’m incredibly optimistic – so many companies,
communities, and organizations like HRC are embracing this future and helping to create
it. It is up to every one of us to keep making
progress together. I’m honored to receive the Equality Award
from an organization that has impacted so many lives. Thank you to the HRC team and all of you for
your relentless focus on celebrating and promoting equality across all our communities. Thank you.

  • Here's a business leader that makes me proud to be human, not just American and Amazonian! Thanks Jeff for standing for what's right!

  • Dr. Evil from Austin Powers gets an award for equality! Lol, this is a liberal who received 600 million from the Cia to make a product called Alexa, so the little of america can be spied on with their own homes. Furthermore, receiving 600 million dollars violates the general welfare clause of the u.s constitution. Jeff belongs behind bars!!!

  • How did this rich dumb Fuck get an award for this? He is stingy as hell. He runs his business like a 17th century textile manager

  • Human RIGHTS?!?!? This guys a fucking scumbag, he doesn't care about ANYTHING but money, he's just smart enough to realize that if he puts money and support in the right places, he increases his reputation which is an investment for the future. If I met him I'd fucking spit on him.

  • So… the equality award is for persons who support the LGBTQ community .. that's it.. because thats the only marginalized oppressed group who needs help being raised up and fighting for LGBTQ is the ENTIRE EQUALITY definition of America … no one else needs support to be equal.. alright.

  • Are you serious?! HRC you need to do better. This man treats his employees like slaves, pays them poverty wages, and has made billions off of their labor. You just showed your true colors and they're ugly.

  • ah yes, jeff bezos: vanguard of human rights. thats how i've always thought of him. we honestly live in a capitalist hellscape and at this point i would accept the sun imploding with grace

  • The man who kills fellow LGBTQ people with slave labor and poor wages got a human rights award for saying he likes gay people once. Fuck this.

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