Jay Pharoah Hilariously Mocks Shaq at the 2019 NBA Awards!

Charles and I were here at the NBA Awards and we have a big announcement yeah that's right SEC so busy these days so we have to make changes to inside the NBA you know since we're in Hollywood we get to see place to do like and we could just have someone come in and do something that he could do really go ahead Shaq knob – lame I'm just letting everybody know that you know you know if you get this really get to business can be old cuz I'm right here no but I got a boom and you know happy to be here happy to be here truck how you doing you know for sure I'll show you I'll show you everybody I'll show you I'll show you I'll show you I'll show you all right Zack we want a question what changes would you make to our show since the new Shaq is here or trainer I'll make sure sure actually our sheykh noir just calculus ottoman is just like positional abalone about things like McDonald's I love McDonald's chicken nuggets chicken over to imagine the government with itself the song is good Chickasaw Chris man well New Jack you know you're first of all you a lot smarter a lot funnier and that's a lot more room at this table I like you Thank You Chuck Thank You Chuck now with a good compliment a nice to your bitch of a there it's going to talk about the day I don't know it's a beautiful day I can see everything I see everybody I love drink no drink I want my chips with the do not know unless like chips and what my trips would look there I love the salsa natural cheese everything ranch their facial which I'll do a fish all amazing falafel Shaq Shaq love it love it well you know you gotta be a great addition to the TNT set this year we cannot wait I can't wait to get this extra space you're gonna be you may ask the probably knows something about basketball – yeah sure know a lot about basketball I'm gonna tell you how first learn how to do the basketball I took a while about how doctor and then all of a sudden I don't a baseball I did not duck my momma and then I was here a big dunker a big dong COK okay no big no go big I'll tell you man you're hired we understand you much better than oh thank you for multi-layered man I'm very clear clarity it's all about clarity thinking clear to the people for the understand exactly what I'm sayin right now as I'm saying it to you in this tone Shaq all day well you know I don't know what else we could do no we just listen up everywhere looks a little run it back run that down a little bit okay one not one two three one two fifteen I don't want to hear it here we go hunt Musha Musha Pickers time to heard that twenty dollar contract you know new shot going to intro the next award off the prompter fan house moment spoke at highlights you have I mean the fans are spoken here is a house of highlights moment under you


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