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Jason Wahler Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey it’s Shira Lazar backstage at the Grammys brought to you
by Turbo Tax with Jason Wahler. How’s it going? I’m doing well. How are you? I’m good, are you
enjoying your time backstage here at the Grammys? Yeah, they have really good food. All I’ve been doing is eating. You haven’t been bumping into any cool nominee’s maybe? You know what, we just got here like ten minutes ago, ate some food, did like three interviews already and I haven’t met anybody yet. But you’ve been in LA for a while, obviously, so do
you do the Grammy events and the parties and everything? I’ve been. I went last year and the year before that but I don’t really, I don’t party any more. I’m boring now. Yeah, so let’s talk about that. You’ve transitioned from the hills partier Yes. to, now obviously now you were on Celebrity Rehab. I was. That was a pretty intense experience. That was nuts. You know, I went in there with some
clean time so that definitely helped. I wasn’t detoxing or coming off anything. Luckily I’m young. I
didn’t have any really bad withdraws or anything like that so. It was a gnarly experience. I don’t think I would do it again but it was definitely a good experience. Yeah and I was talking to Rachel, you could
tell yesterday obviously going through this with cameras in your face was pretty interesting I’m sure. Yeah, I mean, from morning to night waking up
with those things right in your face you’re just like, God go away. I mean, they’re in your room, they’re in the corners of your room,
they’re everywhere, so you don’t have like any space at all. You’re like, Dr. Drew why are you doing this
to me? It’s more tortures than anything. And so now you’re doing better. You feel good. Yeah, two-hundred ten days clean, working at a rehab, National Therapeutic Services, as a client advocate. I oversee like the patient and staff interaction. Like, if the clients have issues, I’m their buddy buddy system.
If they have issues they come to me and vent and let me know. In between, I’m like the middle man so they can come to me. I’m not technically like their staff member. I’m more like their friend. Totally, and I’m sure that helps you also with what you’re dealing
with, seeing someone else go through it. It’s gnarly being on the other end for the first time. You definitely have a good side of what’s going on. You know, I’m just so thankful I am where I’m at. Exactly, you’re here, enjoy it. We’re not going to talk about the past. No more past. It’s about the future. Definitely. Finally, who’s guided you through your life and your career to help you get where you’re at today? My parents have been a huge, huge part of my recovery. You know, my sponsor, Victor, is an unbelievable dude. You know, everybody’s just been pulling for me so, I mean, I’ve had just a really good group of people helping me. Do you have anything you’ve gotten for free? The best
thing you’ve gotten for free, because I feel like you guys got a lot of free stuff back in the day. What’s the best thing you got for free? Probably, I got to travel anywhere in the United States on a private jet for free. Like, wherever I wanted to go. I’m trying to think. Like, I got like a
bunch of surgeries which I never used. You got surgeries? No, I didn’t take them. We know who used them, Heidi Montag. [laughter] Anyway, well Jason, you’re great. Thank you. Nice to meet you. Appreciate it,
take care. Have fun. Nice meeting you. Sponsored by Turbo Tax. If you have a simple return, you can file for free with the Turbo Tax Federal Free Edition.


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