Jared Leto Oscar Dramz

jared leto breaks his oscar sort of okay so jared leto opened up to ET canada about where he's currently storing his oscar and then it has already taken a beating he told the interviewer quote the Oscar sitting in my kitchen guarded by some vegan butter in a bag of popcorn and then he went on later to reveal quote I was letting some of the people that I work with take a picture with the Oscar and I was carrying it down the stairs and then boom I hit it against the stairs the railing and I put a little nick in the back of it so you know that's how it goes it's already lived in as they say that's five words or less I'll be his so-called wife it's his hair okay I cannot be like really no nothing yet nothing's coming together Jordan long hair don't care he uses vegan butter it's vegan yeah pasteurized butter no one's like you know it tastes better than regular butter use vegan butter because it is supposed to be better for you than normal butter but he's vegan even out of bonus for me we could go to vegan restaurants together super annoying at the Oscars I thought his speech was amazing so here's what happened he must have just been reached his speech and so I came in after and I'm like why is he like so all over the place cuz he was like running across to like participate in everything and it was just really annoying and I guess I guess it's cuz he won and he was just ecstatic for the rest of the night eager his speech was absolutely touching we got something from Tom's corner get into the whole thing and we don't have all the information but there's there was a backlash from a lot of people like in the trans community exist it was a fictional character they're calling it tranny black space Oh do you want to talk about that I don't know anything about that so what's the deal with tranny black make know people are upset with him about his role in Dallas buyers club why what happened because they're saying that he I just spit I'm so excited about this they're saying that they should have hired somebody from like the real community and the transgender community the transgender community they're probably like tranny black face the other guy from my so-called life no cuz then okay then they should have not cast Leonardo DiCaprio and What's Eating Gilbert Grape that ya realize no okay okay so coming from Tom's corner he said people are also upset because it it's a negative stereotype of someone that's transsexual transgender the fact that they were drug-addicted that prostitution and so they wanted also to show that there's a lot of people that aren't like that and they should make a documentary yeah yeah you know it's a movie that you get that though like there's a lot of there's all the positive motivations that people have for including trans in the movie they think that they're doing a service but they're just drawing on stereotypes to create that character then maybe later we'll look back and be like wow you know you're absolutely right I'm so glad that you brought that up because I was looking at it at the surface and shame on me because if I was transgender or transexual and waiting for people to or to at least have a platform for people to understand me better and then this movie comes out and then it just reinforces that stereotype I would be upset too but I get it from the standpoint that they're just trying to make a movie but it's not a modern-day film like this was like when aids was rampant and like you know what I mean so it's like drugs and like needles and prostitution like it and it's about him dying from AIDS like his character that's true his character dying from AIDS and probably from other things too so it's not like it's history you could probably find someone like that character like you probably could find someone but that's not representative and you have to make choices when you write a script and you might end up with a choice that alienates people I will say that the Academy makes decisions where they give people awards and then later you look back and it's weird like the movie crash won Best Picture and you watch crash now and you're like oh my god who has crawled up their own ass about race in America yeah yeah okay good point okay so let's talk about the fact that he dropped his Oscar he allowed all his friends to hold on to his Oscar do you guys would you have done that would you been nervous at the Oscar would would fall would you allow your friends to take pictures with it or would you have liked your Oscar locked up somebody somewhere I just this is like such a Jennifer Lawrence moment you know like how Jennifer Lawrence is very like I don't even care I don't know I'm so normal like Jared Leto is trying to like even the playing field I deal with this and be like look you guys I'm just like you guys the way more director guys no there's a ding in my Oscar who cares totally what do you think can't you get someone to buff it out or something you know it's made of gold you Gold's malleable yeah you're right I cared I really I mean look at my car my cars full of scratches not to compare my car to an Oscar but I'm the type of person where I just don't I'm not the person that wears like shoes and if you stepped on them I would get bother and I don't think I would care if my Oscar even dropped I'd be like oh but then I just put it right up and I'd be like ain't what can you do about it I rehab I would be more upset if you like walk into a pair of scissors and his hair cut his hair and his hombre masterful if I'm not doing that hair like you I would go in there and be like I want the Jared Leto yeah hombre oh my gosh that's what Jared thought it looks like he's like the perfect example it's where it's darker toy dark to light actually yeah you couldn't like all one solid color yeah because it's my hair yeah Jared Leto let me touch his hair in it this serious I swear to God I wished it I was playing poker with Brad Pitt and Forest Whitaker you're live swear to god it was such a great dream and Brad Pitt was like here let me hold in your hand I want to read your palm or something he looked at my hand and I was like and I turn around and look at Jared Leto's watching TV but I just used beautiful locks and you and I was like and I'm holding Brad Pitt's hand but I'm like I want to go over there and touch his hair and was a soft and silky Brad that's hilarious Tom can we just get you a chair Tom a chair oh you got a head almost like a head fake from ties weren't you sick come on bro I feel like this should be a raw I feel like this was a really fun episode okay so yeah that was fantastic I wish I was in that dream cheese did they have those little every time I hear people talk about poker poker in general I feel like they wear those visors with the green like oh yeah ratted for us we're wearing blue suits like gross suits – interesting I wonder what that means and like it's not like hot skinny tie there yeah fat ties aren't in anymore Tom wears fat ties okay breaking his Oscar let us know your thoughts in the comment section below don't forget to subscribe we'll see you next time on pop trigger

  • Rayon was a real person though, she isn't fictional, and this is how she was. Jared played her brilliantly hence the Oscar win. I also think that anyone who fits the character well enough should play them, like there's a whole audition process, it's just like if someone who's straight goes against someone who's gay to play a gay role and the straight person has better chemistry or what, they'd get the role. It must be annoying for transgendered people to not have a lot of movies or things in the media portraying them as how they really are though and I totally get that, but it's not one movie's fault, or the actors, especially when this is a real-life, non-fiction movie and Rayon really existed.

  • I see that a lot of people don't know that Jared Leto was asked to play this role, and actually got the role after skyping with the director. And he did talk to people from the transgender community before he started his role, so that his role wouldn't be stereotypical. He even talked to Rayon's family. And yes, Rayon was a real person. Not just some character in a movie. Dallas Buyers' Club is first and foremost based on true events.
    If you believe that Rayon was a stereotypicl character in Dallas Buyers' Club, you fail to understand that Rayon was a real person, and that Jared Leto based his interpretation on other transgender people, and of Rayon's life.

  • please , please ,  i know 'Tom' has left but cut out the off camera mumbling that you can't even hear .  It's not professional.

  • the thing about the stereotypes is, a good amount of trangender people do those things mentioned in the movie because a lot of people won't hire them because they aren't "exceptionable", so they they have to find other ways to make money.I have had this discussion with a transgender  friend of mine.

  • Or at least get Tom a mic. As a director he should know better than to keep interrupting where the viewers can hardly hear him.

    Mic! Problem solved.

  • The women trying to pretend he's some kind of prophet when it's all about him being pretty. "Oh my god. He uses vegan butter.", "His speech was so touching." What? Who are you trying to bullshit?

    Say whatever you want about men being pigs for objectifying women, but at least we don't pretend we like them for anything else to make ourselves look better. No guy says "Scarlett Johansson is so interesting and funny." No, we want to fuck her cause she's hot.

  • Anyone  could be straight, gay, drunk, drugged, totally fucked up.  He did a great job and his speech was great in the movie . Just seems now that everyone has to say something.  It's not a stereo type. It's life

  • Can I suggest something? … Could "Tom Corner" have a little microphone with OR without modificated voice… I wanna hear what's he's saying when he speaks :)! Thanks, love the show xxx

  • Bree's dreams sound awesome! I have the worst dreams. They all include Hilary Duff's big sister Haylie Duff.

  • Actually I hate his long hair it's annoying to me he looks like a woman from behind so I don't no how girls see that as sexy

  • Jeez people are too damn sensitive. It's a character in a movie. It's not supposed to be 100% real life. Damn.

  • leto received his Oscar  award someone ask him a question  about it.. that's  that.. he answered  the question..congrats on your oscar award..

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