Japan: Tokyo 2020 Committee unveils sustainable Olympic medals

  • Japan, the nursery school is buried with Fukushima pollute soil. Two children are involved in the controversy over leukemia.

    There was a disturbance surrounding the "Fukushimasan Soil" buried in the nursery school in Yokohama, Japan.

    According to a report by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper Aera on March 1, the Japanese government has buried soil or sand containing radioactive materials throughout Japan as a follow-up to the Fukushima First Nuclear Power Plant accident that occurred on March 11, 2011 in the Great East Japan Earthquake.

    The problem is that radioactive contaminated soil was buried in nursery schools where children live.,Two nursery school children suffered from leukemia, and nursery schools and civic groups pointed out the cause of the "radiation of Fukushima soil".

    Some of the soil buried in the nursery was moved to the waste storage, but still a large amount of polluted soil is buried in the nursery.,The nursery school and civic groups appealed to "discover all the polluted soil and store it in radioactive waste storage." However, the government has no signs of moving.

    "The soil that exceeds the criteria set by Yokohama City has moved to the waste storage facility, but it does not have to respond to anything lower than that," Oda, a member of the Yokohama City Childcare and Education Operations Division, told Aera.

    After the first leukemia patient occurred three years ago, a year ago, a leukemia patient occurred again, and civic groups claim that "if there is contaminated soil, it will naturally get sick."

    The father of a child attending a nursery school also said, "It may not be caused by 'soil', but considering the safety of children attending a nursery school now, it should be replaced with new soil."

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