JAPAN Best Incentive Travel Awards 2018 | JNTO

this evening we also have the privilege we invited Popeyes Japan has got so much to offer and there are great you know a variety of contents so you know think hard and you look for something new for someone who's new to Japan again you know it's very easy you know this you know old and new and you know technology and history so again you know Japan is one of the best countries in the to organize incentive tours I think no mediocracy community I don't consider a massive man so anyway Niemann children home boccia mochi Tony you need to the balloon eat there are no secrets come though ah Thomas I sent a note to go to his unit iwanaga scheming conducted ma sorry why she's yoni to Tony Hong your code to stay no mediocre' adaptable master Japan is a unique destination and it's very culturally rich and I would suggest all of the incentive travelers and also the planners to think about Japan as a first choice I think you came here but it's wonderful new ideas start here you

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