James Corden and Patrick Stewart clash at Awards

I want to speak to James here it is it's James in it when the presenters are up here and when the recipients are receiving their awards don't stand at the back of the stage with your hands in your pockets looking around as though you wished you were anywhere but here oh you couldn't be more wrong sir you couldn't be more wrong or genuinely and if it looked like that I'm so sorry but when you come up and present an award just get on with it ha ha ha from where I was sitting I can see your belly and that was right over there the back of the room these people down here you know sorry I'm waiting for the punch line going no seriously gone ok now go on you can see my belly and we can all see you dying right now let's go one more do you want one more if you fancied the Jonas Brothers cover your belly um I ever for whatever is worth I like your belly so but but but I I would pay to see Sir Patrick Stewart dying on stage any day so for the people that haven't seen my belly is there anyone who hasn't got it's just okay can we get a taxi ready please the old man going home okay


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