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Jameela Jamil Did Her Own Makeup on “The Good Place” | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-I´ve got Jameela with me. You look ravishing! Oh, my goodness. -Thank you. So do you. -Thank you so much. Okay. Tonight is a massive celebration for “The Good Place.” You´ve got all the crew here. But it´s not so much of a celebration for us at home,
because it´s the final season premiere this week. -I know. I´m sorry. It´s not my fault. It´s Mike Schur´s fault. -Blame Mike Schur. How was that last day on set? -I cried my face off. And I never thought I would because I´m English, so I´m dead
and cold inside. But it really hit me when he walked towards me, as he said,
“That´s a series wrap on Jameela Jamil,” I was like, God. This man found me from nowhere. He plucked me from obscurity. I´d never acted before. He gave me the chance of my lifetime. And everything I´ve been able to do with my activism,
everything I´m able to do in the world is because this man just took a chance on me for no good
reason. And so it just killed me, and I cried and cried and cried
all night, and it felt sad to say goodbye to that wonderful cast and
this magical show. -Well, you´ll be reunited with them all tonight. I don´t know if you´re going to like me saying this, but you
have become a style icon. -Oh. Really?
-Absolutely. In your own right. You always exude confidence and cool and comfort on a red
carpet. You´re working with Law Roach, a new stylist. Is that right? -Yes, it´s our second time working together today, and he´s
just a genius. He´s the man behind the styling of Zendaya, who has been my
style icon for five years. And so it´s a real privilege to get to work with him, and
he´s so creative. And he likes to have fun, like I do. I´m not turning up here not to be noticed. Do you know what I mean? Why would I bathe? -Oh, my God. You told me something really interesting at New
York Fashion Week, and it was about getting equal time in hair and makeup as
your male costars. -Yes. I said — Halfway through Season 1, I realized that the girls were
getting in at like 4:45 or 4:30 in the morning, sometimes 4:15. And I realized that we had an hour and 45 minutes in hair
and makeup. And I just sort of went to the producers of “The Good
Place,” and I was like, “How ugly do you think I am? There´s no prosthetics on me. I just need half an hour in hair and makeup. I´ll do my own makeup.” And so I did my own makeup for the show, and someone else
did my hair, and I got the same amount of time, hair and makeup, as the
boys. ´Cause I can´t be funny when I´m tired. -Right. Well, did you do your own today? -I did do my own today.
-No way. -I always do my own.
-Okay. We need a close-up on this. It´s absolutely beautiful. -Oh, God. I´ve been sweating like a criminal for hours.


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