Jalen Ramsey says he is an entertainer

making some plays we're in right position I think it's been very good in fair battles together the entrance not long at all yeah it was a good collaboration with a uninterrupted adidas high Davis a lot of people took it way too serious holidays are like y'all know he's oh yeah pretty funny probably my favorite comedian right now papi you know himself and everybody hits it off the RIP but uh yeah yeah not really descriptor did you help him with the script or he we had a suite we did have like a little script and I got content coming on that Iago see but um we did have a script but uh once once I read the script I got there looking for him I read the script and read his part since though I told him to cancel his script just let him be he's nice to be funny that's what he does he must know why he thinks you should have real money had boost in there the biggest boost I'll go get them at Ocean it's been going good they've been everything

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