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Jacquees’ First Ever Awards Show Performance BTS | Soul Train Awards 2018

(singing) When I found out Soul Train
wanted me to perform, I was like,
“Damn, for real?” (singing) ’Cause you know,
I always hear big news, but it don’t never set in
until I get around it. I feel overwhelmed, like I just
don’t even know how to feel. Like I feel like dream come
true. I just feel like, damn, everything I used
to be thinking, and dreaming of,
I’m just walking in it. (singing) Performing live to me is, showing the people that listen
to your music what you do raw. So, performing live
to me is being raw. (singing) I think you bring the rawness
to the stage by being who you are
in your music, and being yourself. Like just living in the sound
that you created, living in the music
that you created, and expressing that
to the people live. (singing) How I chose my song selection
for Soul Train, I just went with
the fan favorites right now. But B.E.D. being one
of my biggest records ever, I gotta pop it off with that.
So, I’m doing B.E.D. first, and then I’ma do
my new single, “You”. (singing) The offsite rehearsals,
it’s a big part of the show, it’s a big part
of my show, anyway. I always rehearse, I always
been an artist to rehearse. We always do that,
just make sure we come in clean because of course,
we know that we professionals, so we know that whatever we do
the people gonna accept, but we always like to make it
like, crispy, like, on point. And this being my biggest
performance of my life, you know, we made sure
that we rehearsed a lot. (singing) The background singers
who you see for my show, the background singers,
that’s a R&B group, that’s Bluff City,
they’re from Memphis. But you know, they came up
with the music in Atlanta, and you know, I done knew them
since I was like, 18. But my whole time knowing them, I would always put them on my
records in the backgrounds, you know,
write records with them. So I always just
keep them with me. (singing) Well, me and the boys, we was just trying
to figure out how to end it, ’cause we was just figuring out,
do we wanna end it clean, or with a curse word
for real? Hold on, let me get on a …
How the hell we do this? (singing) So I’m just saying,
you still … (singing) Okay, I see what you’re saying.
I gotcha. So, what I’m doing?
Uh, ad lib. (singing) So ♪ I rather be with you, oh,
ooh ♪ Yeah, I like that better. (singing) Let me hear, Tim gonna come in
… (singing) Here we go, last time. (singing) I’ll have them feel that out.
We’re gonna clean it up. All right, cool. You know, this being
the Soul Train, let’s just end it
real clean, you know? And I’m gonna just come
with a run over the top, and just make it, you know,
I just put the Jacquees on it. (singing) Dude, we practice so hard,
it’s like football or something. It’s like, we practice
so hard in practice, when we get to the game,
it feels so easy. So it’s like, that’s how
we kinda do it with this. … Don’t worry about it, ’cause by the time of the show,
it’ll filled in with … So, it makes it feel crazy … But by the time
we put him in the show, it’s gonna be a monster moment,
all right? Look out. Look out.
Don’t put your head down. Put your head up.
Put your head up. Look around. That’s right.
Put your head up. Coach! Coach! Put me in!
Put me in! When I was on stage, and they
told me that, they were like, “Now, we wanna give you
a real entrance, like you know, we wanna put you in this hallway
with all this glass, it’s gonna be like there’s like
10 of you, it’s gonna super
hard, like we wanna give you
a real introduction.” And just based off that,
I was like, oh, they really with me. Everybody with me, I was telling
everybody yesterday, like, I could tell everybody
want me to win. But just me being on stage,
I felt that type of energy. Like, I felt like …
I perform every weekend, like, I do shows
every weekend, non-stop. So, I’m used to performing,
but of course, I always know
how to prepare myself for the next levels
of performances, and like I was just
soaking it all in. (singing) Trying to take my time, trying to really
just mark my steps and know where I’m gonna
be at for my big day, but I just know
I felt comfortable. Like, I was telling my boy
today like, I’m in it now. It’s easy.
It’s second nature now. (singing) I’m sorry. Not to sing all out, but
just sing right? Yeah, you don’t gotta sing all
out, but I just want you to make sure
you’re hearing the right thing, ’cause I don’t want you to rely,
and drop out, and that vocal still be playing,
you see what I’m saying? Yeah, you can’t drop out. Dropped out a couple times …
Oh, no, no, no, no. He’s just doing,
I know, he’s good. He’s good. Was because I just
wasn’t trying to sing. Yes. Got you. I was just saying- I wasn’t trying to like,
let that play for me. No.
Got you. Okay, cool. No, he’s not that guy. They was just telling me,
“You already cool so, you know, you ain’t gotta be cool,
just sing that shit. You know, just like,
hammer everything, you feel me? Just express yourself
because you killing it, but just take it there,
that’s it.” They were like, “’Cause it’s all
there.” (singing) I’m leaving rehearsal, now I’m
just gonna go get some food, get some grub,
fill my stomach up. What’s going through
my mind right now is, you know, tomorrow,
what I’m gonna do at the show, like, what I’m
gonna do on stage, how the people gonna
take in my energy, how the people
gonna look at me. ’Cause I know
they been thinking, and listening to Jacquees
for a long time, and they been like,
“Damn, I wonder what he gonna do if I see him live,
if I see him raw.” So, I’m gonna just give them
what they think they gonna see. Like, it’s gonna be like,
everything you thought. Like, if you was thinking good,
it’s gonna be great. If you was thinking bad,
it’s gonna be great. (singing) ATL. Yep, and that’s what it is.
There you go. I like that. I’m sorry!
Celebrity coming through! You’re doing a documentary
for Jacquees, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is the part of people that’s in the documentary
that he did not pay. He ain’t pay me to do
this damn documentary. He’s awesome.
We love Jacquees. Performing tonight at
the Soul Train Awards, we have Jacquees
joining us on the carpet. I am standing here
with my brother, Jacquees. What’s up, son? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up?
What it do? What it do? What it do? Soul, right here.
Now, I need to find out from you what makes Soul Train
so special, brother? Well, to me, what makes
Soul train special is, you know, it just bring everybody
together, you know,
everybody with soul. You know, it’s some
of my favorite artists that’s always on Soul Train
performing, and you know, they always
honoring a legend, so … And you just dropped an album,
I heard. Yeah, yeah, 4275,
in stores right now. Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Listen man, like you know,
I love what you’re doing. Thank you. Keep up, hold that down
for the R&B, you know what I’m saying? That soul. Yes, sir. (singing) Soulful R&B is in real good
hands with our next performer. His star is rising, and music from his Cash
Money Records debut album, 4275, just surpassed 100 million
global Spotify streams. Please welcome Jacquees! ATL, Decatur, Soul Train. (singing) That was a career making
performance. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Remember I kept warning you
like, “At the end, they may not
give you no love, so don’t worry about it”?
Did you hear that shit? Hell yeah. Did you hear that shit? Yes, sir. Did you hear what they-
Hey. Did you hear when they came up,
when the dudes came up, and did that harmony?
Did you hear the audience? But I looked on the right,
they were like … they went
crazy. When y’all came up- I had to catch myself though,
look. In the beginning … Oh my God.
How was the beginning? No, no, no, no, no, everything. Dude, it was everything. No, no, no, no, no, everything. That shit felt so good. Jacquees, you killed it. Hey, did I kill it gentlemen? From the beginning beat, it
sounded good? Soul Train Awards
with our bro, Jacquees. It was an amazing,
amazing experience. The vibes were so right. It was electric, man. Know what I’m saying? History in
the making is happening tonight. There’s nothing like
a new artist who is hungry, and does all the work. Like, this man rehearsed for an
hour and a half the other day, and then did another
three hour rehearsal. I’ve seen a lot of young folks
who wanna come in, do rehearsal, like run off,
and then do something else. But he stuck with it. I left him today
after dress rehearsal, he’s watching it on an iPhone, making sure he knows
what his ending’s gonna be, how he’s gonna look
at different points, like,
that’s the mark of an artist. My boy, Stephen Hill,
you know what I’m saying? AKA Coach,
the meanest coach in the world. The best coach ever. Wait, wait, no, no. There was a show called
Music Mogul on BET a while back. And when we first started that, Baby … was doing a promo,
and he said, “Jacquees next superstar.” Exactly! And three years later,
Jacquees next superstar. I killed it.


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