Jack Nicholson Receives Cecil B Demille Award – Golden Globes 1999

on behalf of the board of directors of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association it gives me great pleasure to present this year's Cecil B deMille Award to Jack Nicholson thank you and good morning yeah uh you know and Thank You Warren but you know I I thought you had a lot more love for me than that you know thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press for honoring me with the Cecil B DeMille a Lifetime Achievement Award as my friend Jim Lampley said the fact that you've had a life as an achievement jack thank you bro yeah you know I feel like that young rancher that I saw on the TV commercial with his boots up sitting on the ground and he says you know if you can find some work that you love you pretty much have a life and I know all that the Hollywood Foreign Press is guests and nominees tonight share with me our awareness of the good fortune that we have to do what we do and I want to congratulate the nominees of course I'm sorry it's a long speech so I have to look at it also what I like about this particular award is that it doesn't come from our peer groups get out Hollywood Foreign Press is kind of a very loose group of guys and gals you know I mean it's like you almost feel like you could go out and have fun with them probably because they don't have as much to lose as we do you know what thank you problem I you know I actually remember the first day that I went to work in the movie business I wrote it down on my desk the fifth of May the fifth month 1955 five was my lucky number and the number of my boyhood idol Joe DiMaggio and I'm I'm very glad Joe that your streak is still alive I've been invited I'd come to the Golden Globes forever before I was invited before before it was on television and you know what before television it was wild I saw Joan Crawford you know the legend the idol of my own mothers and sisters in World War two for chic and a strong woman probably already the chairman of the CEO Pepsi Cola stand up here and go and my day we had him I saw Rita Hayworth come sauntering down the center stage to some stripper music you know Turner back back over back I'll tell you what a sight I almost wept and over there her ex-husband at the stage partner and presenter for the night Glenna Ford looked out of us all and said if you only knew how many times I've been through this I like fun what can I say you know I've worked with I got this written down fifty directors six fifty sixty directors 3,000 actors over a hundred and a hundred and fifty producers and executive producers that means 600 assistant directors a thousand secretaries or so 1,200 technicians and crew and an innumerable extras enjoy Zapata a woman who has every right to expect that because of her life's work it should be getting easier and it only gets more difficult she's my makeup woman and hair stylist maybe daddy's good-looking I hate him a million thank yous wasn't cover all that I really do appreciate about all those people that I've collaborated with on my movies and for the help the teaching the friendships the love the fury over creative discussions even especially the fury on these fragile things that we do that we call movies tens of thousands of people tens of thousands of people and through this only one agent who has stayed with me guided me tolerated my Tantrums my operatic you knows behavior and so forth never lost his calm his name escapes me where I said Sandy Bressler my Fallon and comrade-in-arms I love you I know he'd want me to mention Bobby coal birds in my lawyer Abe summer and I would like to just read a say a lot of names Roger Corman Monte Hellman the BBS guys Bert Schneider Bob Rafelson Steve Loughner Hopper Fonda Mike Nichols Harry Geddes Hal Ashby Bobby Evans the pro midst urges and Jojo Caruso are all people who just believed on and me on instinct when my work is more like those first few clips of mine that you saw and maybe there was a lot of evidence against me for instance on my first job while my mother and sister were hiding in the dark and kind of watching me you know hoping I was going to be in the movie business I turned around and imagined I saw my director making fun of my newly-acquired psychological gesture from Michael Chekov I mean this is you want to talk about embarrassment and humiliation that was nothing compared to the previews I'll tell you that – nothing CB DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award these awards always kind of put the fear of the shroud into me somehow but you know about the future and work all I can say is ready anytime you are CV I thank you very much I really Shadid you you


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