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Ittiam’s Complete Digital TV Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) Framework

Rear seat entertainment systems are making a splash in the automotive industry, redefining how rear seat passengers can be engaged with a range of multimedia content. Ittiam has been right at the center of this action with its next-generation In-car Digital TV Rear Seat Entertainment Framework The automotive dashboard receives audio video input from the digital TV tuner or other sources like the internet or the local media, and streams it onto the rear seat head-screen units. This is made possible by Ittiam’s comprehensive RSE framework that comprises the transcoding as well as media player frameworks. Our Transcoding Solution transcodes the source content in the dashboard, and streams it to the rear seat through wired or wireless connections. A unique feature of our solution is, it supports a wide range of terrestrial broadcast standards. The transcoder framework connects several software components including audio/video decoding, encoding and post processing, and control inputs, to deliver high performance audio and video playback. Our transcoding solution uses highly optimized software and hardware video codecs for superior performance. It includes our innovative split HEVC decoder on platforms without hardware support for HEVC. Meanwhile, our media player framework, running on each RSE unit complements the transcoding solution. It supports HLS and MPEG-DASH stream formats, to enable effective streamed media playout. We thus bring to you a complete RSE framework that will enable you to build effective automotive infotainment solutions, and gain a definite competitive advantage. Connect with us for more insights

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