IT'S OUR 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY…❤️ We’re Just Friends (2019 BET Awards)

I'm gonna be Tia Wars right now is it it gave me to take right now my go-to red carpet my red carpet look alright now got the yellow band on the Richard lied to kill them the day black oh my god who is that it's me buddy tickets look like though is going late it's on a red carpet with a black you want his back how you doing contact already here right all right and a little carpet not our nificent gonna turn it up BT Awards my first time I look good look straight horses uncle at the bottom $90 a couple million a couple million Oh Marissa I just finished you know with the red carpet made my very first one SuperDuper late fuck with it done the grilled vegetable ceviche on a plantain is it good might be on the toilet for show for sure [Applause] young man doing incredible things and there's a small village behind you right now they can this big fire is shit man bt awards day game yeah it's loving yet – now that shouldn't that letter be an act that be his shoulder old I should we just got a beauty award you better go into the go get our ceasing shit but this is lit this is dope I'm having fun right now I just think got a fucking robot for a camera its father got in the car to get on stage of memory for a bit you me I'm late no you're not late I'm late and again I'm late I'm turnt I'm ready to watch this shit maybe man I'm gonna say y'all ready see needless is about to be ridiculous [Applause] this is liq party read this perform somebody better perform huh packing the mail is gone like I smell Cologne just I damn oh no copyright yeah cliff you won't really a speech to give a fuck buddy nigga big Birkin bag hold five six figures strikes on my ass so he calls cause he ticking fucking on his scamming as rich as nigga bad bitch is like a master suite oh yeah no masterpiece Tim Babbage is in it after me [Applause] [Applause] well thank you so much Rihanna I never know how much I love respect you I mean huge [Applause] yeah this is three that's crazy yeah this is me and Kennedy two year anniversary I met Kennedy and they kinda like an hour away from here two years ago you made me happy were you ahead just in case anybody was wondering I know a lot of y'all seen the sauce that I had on for the BT Awards there's some other shit this is this is the designer named Kelly own bitch got the Masters choice to go with it you know some foreign shit niggas on God have some big horns y'all wanted to know what I had this is the same Richard Mille watts Lonnie I was like dude you got a new Richard Mille no this is I'm gonna get another one when I get number one on the Billboard but it's a Richard Mille watch it's just a different band so it's a yellow band instead of a black one I kind of like you but I want y'all to come below let me know because of y'all if this yellow bear I'll fuck with it personally you know I'm saying but I don't know if it's that every day let me see black because the all-black joint go with everything but then she kind of boring you know dissing this is some extra shit right here this is extra shit right here see see I can do it is though you can do it is it pop it just pop out of nowhere just straight up you know I'm saying let me know what y'all think I'm fucking with you let me know if y'all for with the yellow being a little black man I'm used to no it is don't look at my house I know it's dirtiest shape I was scrambling around here but I also have this right here I was wearing a go yard any yard no this same go yard bag is the bag that I wore and the little yachty district I did I'm like two years ago a little big bullshit I wear this this is my girl yard back so I had this for a minute I just barely wear it but after wearing it yesterday I need to wear these bits of motors gonna fucking hard it shit so yeah it's my go yard bag right here I had that on with the outfit right there and to top the outfit on off I work with some white forces did he done it unz white forces is the best shoes you can buy that go with everything $90 a pop so I had world of white forces and bam that was my fit for the BT award I was thinking today cuz like I said from the title or from what I said at the BT Awards this is the second year that I've known Kennedy so now I've known Kennedy for two years in a day which is crazy honestly it feel like it's been a lot longer it feel like it's been a long-ass time since I know in Kennedy way love it in two years two years a long time but it's not a long time at all I don't know if probably cuz we did a lot of shit but it's just crazy to see our real actual anniversary is January 1st that's the actual anniversary but yeah that's just wild to me we told you it was Valentine's Day but it's really January 1st but nah it's just crazy how long that time flies you know two years seem like a long time I mean like a short amount of time that's how you know life is so fucking short so make sure man I know it's probably somebody that's in a relationship watching this right now quit arguing you know I'm saying stop that shit there's no point the girl mad go ahead go kiss her ass don't be stubborn just make her shut up and just be happy you know just life is too short man life can be over in a heartbeat life can be over in a second so you know I'm saying you ain't got time to be out here fighting and arguing with somebody that you love right am I right or am i right but yeah a kiddin if you watching this has been a great two years I enjoyed it ups and downs everything's been lit all the experience it's all like lessons and shit like that but I enjoyed you being a part of my life I don't know if that's corny or not but you know it was just the truth but yeah it's just crazy it's just crazy and I didn't even know that it was two years honestly I looked on Twitter and one of y'all says some shit so then I was like oh shit man it's been two months is crazy on the same exact day like an hour away from you know saying I should live in LA and we wanna be T Awards and shit so I enjoy myself last night I had a lot of fun it was hella dope and man I hope y'all enjoyed yourself I hope y'all enjoyed the vlog shout out bt shout out everything they got going I loved it the experience was amazing next year I'll make sure that I work my ass off so I can get nominated and I get on that stage and I accept some type of award or some shit man but I'm gonna work my ass off to get there and man I love it I love everything about it everything about this whole weekend has been amazing inspiring and motivational and I never take it for granted but most importantly I love yard and I appreciate y'all tuning in and we're gonna keep going up from here see you in the next vlog


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