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It’s Only Entertainment (2013)

Hey, what’s he waiting for down there? Yeah, get on with the show already! Don’t lose your heads, now… I welcome you all to my favourite show Starring: myself, the executive pro! My axe here will be my assistant today “Don’t use it unless you’re sincere”, as they say There’ll be comedy, action, excitement and fear and when you go home, bring a nice souvenir! We have hotdogs and popcorn and soda and sweets Coincidently, my favourite treats! I lock up dissenters and leave them for months but just because that’s what my audience wants Since we don’t have radios, baseball or chess grotesque mutilation is certain success So, do not forget, as you draw your last breath my aim is not terror or torture or death: When the gleam of my axe is the last thing you see it’s mere entertainment, instead of TV! It’s only entertainment, and I will be your host To some I may seem scary, but I’m friendlier than most! I merely do my duty, and I do it with such pride ’cause it’s only entertainment, all the bloodshed aside. I know my profession is said to be grim With a laugh and a smile, though, it goes like a dream! (Witch laughs) But it does me no good ’cause who can predict when a girl shifts her mood? Although I don’t fancy the way she caressed me she really went out of her way to impress me! I’m a popular guy, I’m society’s pet If you think I’m a brute, I’m afraid you forget: That it’s only entertainment, so I hope you’ll understand If I split you in half, it’s by popular demand! Remember it’s not personal, if I chop off your head It’s only entertainment, not because I want you dead! It’s only entertainment, so who’s guilty, I don’t know The wheel of fortune tells me who is starring in my show. But if you feel you’ve been left out, there’s no reason to feel blue ‘Cause it’s only entertainment, and the next one could be you! Uh-oh… Erh… Oops! It’s OK, I’m fine. No problem. Really! This can’t be happening to me! Hey, relax man. It’s only entertainment! Yeah, nothing to lose your head over…


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