'It was a great moment’: Shannon Sharpe on Giannis winning MVP & emotional speech | NBA | UNDISPUTED

  • What makes Giannis MVP is in the name, Most Valuable Player. He's the Most Valuable Player to the Bucks because without him, they'd be a top 3 lottery team. His offensive dominance is unreal BUT with that offense he's also a great defender, unlike The Beard.

  • Giannis speech was flawless and Skip as usual had to reach and make up a flaw..Seriously!!!! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • That’s a shock. Shannon compliments someone other than you-know-who. And HE is better than LeBron now, too, not just KD. LeBron old man will begin this year. Great career, but not the GOAT.

  • You can tell by Giannis's mindset and how he is as a person Giannis will improve and will shut up all the haters like skip….Giannis is still not a complete player but i can guarantee he will be and his improvements from when he was drafted is already pretty evident ……and giannis is a better player than harden why does people always forget about defense giannis is a 10 times better defender than harden….

  • Not a diss, but Americans have a different take on what passes for confidence. I was watching from the UK and I thought some might have found parts of his speech a taddddd arrogant…until I realised that the best must stand up and talk like the best. No spew rubbish about things they haven't done yet, or hype themselves comically, but acknowledge they are the focal points of their teams. I don't think he's lacking confidence at all. At all.

  • Every stupid US commentator just spins some stupid story to make whoever they want (in this case Harden) sound better. However, Giannis won the vote count, Giannis won the overall stat PEF. Giannis carried his team to more WINS, the most important thing here ppl seem to blatantly ignore in this little Harden-vs-Giannis MVP battle. You NBA analysts need to thank the winner before you start criticizing the pick. What do I think? I think ya'll are pathetic / desperate

  • If ppl "revote" then you probably have Lenard as MVP……… Giannis almost make it in Playoffs to get the ring. Rockets never really had a chance….

  • Skip, Giannis deserved the award completely and it should not have been any closer than it was. Hardens numbers were great because of the terrible Rockets style of play that puts the ball in his hands every possession and gives him a blank check on what he wants to do with it. In my opinion that style of play should never be used in the game of basketball and not encouraged by awards, regardless of the stats. Basketball is a team game, so stop making it a 1 star player and 4 spectators snooze fest. Players like Harden and Westbrook benefit from the analytics in the regular season but they are extremely overrated in reality because their impact on their team is actually very negative. This is not a 3 v 3 pickup or a 1 on 1 league.

  • I know James harden is good but I swear you need to defend as well in order to win a game…..and yes I’m greek but I don’t understand why they keep saying these kind of stuff….I’m not a basketball pro but I think Giannis deserved it

  • The bucks only problem was the fact that they couldn’t hit perimeter shots when they needed and in the open floor it took the raptors to implement some weird mighty duck type Flying V defense in front of the basket to stop him bcus normal that’s his hot to move in that situation is a eurostep into a dunk or lay up

  • He literally did say that, he said this is just the beginning the ultimate goal is a championship… skip is a clown and always will be

  • What has Harden achieved? Really? Besides stuffing personal stats, making 4 other teammates stand around as he travels and flops and shoots 20 free throws? Has Harden even reached the conference finals with him as the main player?

  • No 27 FT a game is my MVP. No 3-29 3pt shots is my MVP. I refused to believe that Skip and Shanon are sour bc Giannis is not an American, but it wasn't too long ago that they were both agreeing on this panel with LeBrousard that Giannis could never be the face of the league. Look at that speech. You can see that this is straight from the heart. You can't teach kindness, hard work, humility and a good heart. Who would you'd rather your kid look up to?

  • i think there is a difference between cocky and confident. u dont need to be cocky to be confident, i think they are wrong on part of Giannis, he deserved it, and will back it up

  • With my poor English and without knowing if there is a certain procedure on how people vote for the MVP, I would say that the commenters do not really understand the meaning of sport awards. Voting is a very complex procedure and you cannot put limits or frames on the free will or peoples mind. When we talk about sports, people vote for their MVP which is a combination of many things apart from the stats. If it was only about stats then people wouldn't vote and you could have the results through an application. At the end of the day, we are who we are because we went through certain circumstances in life and Giannis is the greatest example of a kid with a hard life but through these circumstances he became stronger and better from his opponents. All the things he is being through are displayed on the court and converted into passion for the game and this is exactly what people like to see on the court and that's why he is the undisputed MVP 2019.

  • Bruh… the man literally said "But at the end of the day, this is just the beginning. My goal is to win a championship" at the end of his speech

  • Bruh… the man literally said "But at the end of the day, this is just the beginning. My goal is to win a championship" at the end of his speech

  • Skip crossed a line with his comments. Almost as classless as Houston tweeting the middle finger after Giannis spoke

  • If kobe didnt win it averages 34 (I think), nor Wilt averaging 50pts and 25 rbs, I dont want to hear Harden winning it.

  • Giannis earned it but I think Kawhi Leonard should have been named MVP for his Season performance and getting the Raptors their first Championship Title the first year after being traded…..

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