Israeli Rafael Trophy APS Active Protection System tested on Bradley hull IFV September 2018

  • I've watched the video multiple times and I still don't understand the mechanism of defeat. Is it firing a blast of pellets at the income projectile or something?

  • SOOOO multiple RPG teams fire staggered shots, this thing can only defend so many times before it's rendered useless. I mean it's better than nothing and I dig it but it does have its weaknesses. the biggest being showing this kind of crap to the General Public. They should have just left this and the folder never revealed it.

  • If it can defeat multiple "simultaneous" RPG-7 attacks, and also be capable of defeating RPG-30's with their decoy projectiles, then we potentially have something really great. BTW, there is a hell of a lot of physics, and serious computational power required to intercept/defeat an incoming warhead at relatively short ranges.

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