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well another big name at the once upon a time in Hollywood premiere was Britney Spears so she made her first red carpet appearance with her boyfriend Sam but what's got everybody talking is because Britney had a sparkly diamond ring on that finger there's three stones there's not one big giant one so I don't know as for now neither have commented to say if it's going to be an engagement ring or what exactly it means the two have been together since 2016 if they are getting married is this the right time I mean I don't know I don't feel like Britney needs that I feel like she's having fun with Sam and they'll be together for the time being I just don't foresee them getting married you don't I don't think does she want to get maybe this she thinks that but I don't think she really I don't know maybe she does I mean who am I to say anything about what Britney Spears wants but I just don't I don't think that they're rushing it and I don't think they should rush it I think they should enjoy each other's company for as long as possible you think that that's an engagement ring I hope not [Laughter] there's no white right like you and that looks like it was passed down I don't know I just thought of something but what if it was not that sweet more whimsy amber you're like hey I'm not only asking to marry you but your two sons too and there's a diamond for each of you I'm going to vomit on myself that was very sweet and craziness though I know how that just came in my head it may be better but that would be really sweet if that happened but then we could get one big one for Mama I love a stone with side stones actually but if it's if they're different sizing they're all across the board what do we know if they were engaged like didn't she have to like like file a court document to get engaged oh no no but I just don't think Britney wants that right I just don't think that's I think she has this is what I mean to say she has other priorities right now to focus on I would normally agree with you but she hit one of the lowest lows of her life this year whenever she went back to the treatment facility or whatever it was right when you go through something like that and you have a partner who if you were the type that would never get married again if you could never see yourself settling down and you see your partner go through go through what she went through with her how he handled the boys how he handled her how he handled her privacy concerns that might make you look at somebody and be like damn maybe you are right or die maybe I should think about committing to you that's it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus youtube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling brick in Hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on YouTube will keep you pop-culture see you soon

  • Why everyone keeps saying she went to a facility when she never stop saying she went to one no-one would dare say that to her face cos they know full well she hasn't

  • Brittney spears aged horribly like all white women do. She has been with many many men like all white women. She has been with every race imaginable like all white women and she is a druggie like all white women. She is also a divorcee like all white women. She is a big time h03 fo sh0 th0 and the world knows it.

  • Why is it your business? Why can’t you be happy for her? Geeee! The lady on purple you seems Jealous! 👎he has been by her side while you’ve been gossiping ! 🙄

  • Hmm … sounds like somebody’s slightly a bit jealous. Guess she hasn’t been getting laid lately. Totally foreseeable, I’m assuming. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Dammit!! Let this woman live!! Let her be happy. Sam seems really good for her and he actually seems to have her best interest at heart. Finally! Can we bring back the crying guy? “Leave Britney alone.” Tf alone.

  • She deserves true happiness. He seems like a cool guy who loves her and is always there for her thru thick and thin. She looks very happy with him. I hope it's true.

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