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the hills is back on television in less than a week but a bunch of headlines about a feud brewing in the Pratt family so we had Justin go straight to the source here is what Spencer and Stephanie both had to say about the family beef it's totally one-sided you know it's not on the show you'll see this is just like a press campaign which I support and I'm so thankful seven EMU back from England to be on the show and she's a great character do you think Stephanie is starting this up just for PR I think 70 is a great asset to the show is there anything Stephanie can do to repair this relationship my life is way to get to the evening with family I heard your run this season around your brother and Heidi have you guys made up yet I know and that will never happen no it that will never I got caught off guard because I didn't want to be like yo I heard you and you brother hate each other what's going on try to like skirt around it look they might have made up yeah family it's like they can talk about each other but you can't say it you have to let them say it got it you want everybody was my family oh my god I didn't realize that the drama got so deep that it involved other cast members and the crazy thing about it is if you are a fan of the hills the first time around right you knew that everyone took one person side now the tables have turned yeah things are about I think it's split I think everybody is going against one person Stephanie I can't even tell you I know how close Heidi is with the other girls you got to give a spoiler but what person all I'm gonna say is oh no I went ahead and put a cough drop in today oh my god because I was screaming so loud last night here novelty beans bill yeah you know what you hear a reality-show gets pushed back a few times and you think to yourself oh they must be having problems because they don't have enough drama they have to reshoot a lot of things I think this show got pushed back because of legal issues I think bitches are showing suing bitches because that's public record yeah but NDA's you know when you're on a reality show sometimes you have to sign that contract and it says you cannot see another cast member for something they say on camera right so what do you think who do you think is being sued I think there's a lot of arbitration going the carpet because I first of all I was a huge fan of Laguna Beach and a huge fan of the hills i am i do not care my 14 year old in a white girl is loving every bit of it and so they had beef back then I thought after Heidi in Spencer having a child Stephanie moving away to London everybody get Audrina got married Justin was doing hair like everybody has grown up how are they still having these same beasts and I don't care if y'all say it's fake it's real to me no no it's real because a lot of them said and I had said you know I did something that I've never done for the first time ever in my career working here I've been here for two years when a celebrity comes around a carpet you get your chance and then they leave right I was calling people back a lot of the people said that Odin's don't heal mr. Barton even told me and I was like mr. party ain't gonna give me anything she was like no the drama is from back in the day no Misha is joining the cast yes Miuccia is a new cast member and she said some of the drama got so heavy that she had to go back and review you got to be able to connect those dots ciao the hills new beginnings premieres on Monday on MTV and you can check out more of Justin's interviews with the rest of the cast tonight at 7:00 on enos give us a little highlight oh I talked to Mischa Barton and I asked her if she found love on the show there's a love triangle you're either gonna get the two you don't want to give them throughout the year that's it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus youtube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling break-in hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on youtube will keep you pop-culture see you soon

  • I don't know. Steph is really still immature but if you listen to her podcast she's not mean spirited. Heidi and Spencer on the other hand seem opportunistic and a little manipulative. Can't wait to see the show

  • In relation to the Hills, I hope Pamela Anderson and Tommy lee son knows what he's getting into with this season. Him and his brother didn't have much in the spotlight other than modeling, due to their mom wanting to keep them grounded. I just hope he's ready for that public judgement and reality TV ride because trust and believe when it comes to "reality tv", watchers are very opinionated on social media. Just look at Spencer and Heidi's downfall and bankruptcy. Look at how some women still side eye Kristen Cavalari for being a " mean girl". Once people have an opinion of someone its hard to change it. Some people take what they see on TV for face value and think its actually "reality".

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