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Old Town Road has now spent 16 weeks at number one on the Hot 100 billboard chart a milestone that has only been achieved by two other songs in music history 2017 Esposito by Luis FONSI daddy yankee and justin bieber and the 1995 hit one sweet day by boys teaming and Mariah Carey but is Old Town Road 2019 song of the summer I'm chrysocolla nur and this is your pop of news Bo nas ex has stirred up a huge amount of debate as to what really constitutes country music with his massive multi-genre hit but some people might argue that the track is too rap for country music not I don't tell that to Nashville legend Billy Ray Cyrus either he is enjoying the resurgence in his career thanks to this remix got some crazy stuff in my life and wrote a couple of wild rides great iron Road no pony like this the truth is guys country music has a long relationship with rap in fact there have been several artists who've gone down the country trapped road before like we've got young thug family don't matter little Tracey's like a farmer the baby's Walker Texas Ranger fly Ridge Devils yep on my tractor or we've got rappers who joined forces with country singers to make some cool collaborations that mix the two genres remember when del e collaborated with Tim McGraw in 2004 for over and over huge massive hit I think I listened to that song 8990 five times and then he struck gold again by hopping on a remix version at Florida Georgia line's hits on Cruz or how about when Ludacris sing on Jason Aldean's dirt road anthem the country star returned the favor adding some twang to loot his burning bridges and probably the most perfect pairing Willie Nelson with Snoop Dogg singing about the green stuff on my medicine you know what I'm talking about well there are plenty more artists who have blended genres I think country is universal it does not have to stay inside one little small box so why was lil nas excluded from the country charts for not being country enough well they said that it didn't have enough country music elements whatever that means the debate and the drama hasn't hurt the songs popularity in fact it probably helped it will not spend a total of thirty bucks to buy a beat for Old Town Road that is less than a tank of gas and look how much he's gone now at first gained popularity in late 2018 and early 2019 on the video sharing app tik-tok where users would edit silly videos to the country trap song but it didn't hit the Billboard charts until the spring at which point billboard abruptly removed it from its Hot Country Songs chart while some call it a meme or gimmick song old town road is a gift that keeps on giving when Billy Ray Cyrus offered his help the remix of old town road exploded in popularity rowdy sports called after topping the charts for seven weeks lil nas thanked Billy Ray in the most fitting way we're about to pull up a Billy Ray Cyrus's critter on post meeting him a gift Billy can now actually ride down rodeo in a Maserati sports car like can I be friends with you lil nods Billy is truly grateful to be part of Old Town Road and sees how its brought together different music fans you recently called the song a uniter not a divider it's a unique moment in time where people from all over the world and all walks of life and they have more in common than they do different Wow and I said it better myself Billy at the heart of it Old Town Road you guys it's really just a very catchy song that appeals to people of all ages even kids are head bopping to it in May lil nas egg surprise in elementary school in Cleveland Ohio and the kids full-on lost it understandably I would too and I'm Way older than six and just when you thought Old Town Road couldn't get any catch here or get another remix BTS decides to take part as a feature artist in the newly released soul town road RMF ETS wrote and sang the rap verses in English and change the title to soul town Road in an effort to blend Korean originality into the song that kid no whoa now if Old Town Road maintains its number one spot on the Billboard chart next week it will have held the spot for 17 weeks a brand new record lil nas ex is looking for his place in history and is asking for his fans to help make his dream a reality he boasts of this spongebob video on Instagram urging people to please stream old town road going stream Oh Town Hall done like 8,000 times so record-breaking or not Old Town Road is one of the biggest songs of 2019 it's United to genres of music widening the fan bases of both is it your favorite song at the summer let us know in the comments below make sure you subscribe to the e-news youtube channel so you could stay informed on all the breaking updates come on you know you want to be the first to know about all the latest hookups breakups or rest and so much more


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