Is Cardi Going Down in a Blazer of Glory?! | What the Fashion | S2, Ep. 14 | E! News

who's going down in a blaze of glory which stars are we checking out and what look has a saying what's up find out on what the fashion a basic suit is well basic AF so celebs are spicing it up luckily we get to decide whose risks paid off and who's going down in a blazer of glory first up is cardi B in a bruger suit and Hermes Leone there is so much multicolor realness happening here love the suit so cute love the pack I like that you went a totally different direction color wise with the bag yeah the hot pink kind of does its own thing on this side it all comes together it's edgy enough but it's safe cardi business casual you know what you could do multiple things in this you could go to a meeting yeah you could go to Kinko's this one is definitely low risk high reward mm-hm you should great next is Halsey and a Redemption blazer yes Halsey it looks like a sexy magician like though everything fits everything looks like it's really tied in together I'm not a huge fan of that color palette it's a little dated for me it's not worht okay Greg doesn't take too much thought to put together three different pieces that are different variations of the color board we are talking about it I know she's wearing redemption blazer but not actually getting redemption for this outfit lastly of Gigi Hadid in Harran Preston I feel like she robbed Harry Styles closet when he was in one direction I like that you can see a little bit of AB it's almost like a tomboy chic moment I think the suit is cool obviously she's beautiful but this is not the shoe choice I would have gone with and I get that it's supposed to be different and not makes sense it's still not the right choice of shoe I don't get it I don't either I don't like it next high risk low award so let's see we got through cardi check house e check GG check I think I'm starting to see a pattern here and it's one of this summer's hottest trends checkers here we have sophie turner in STAAD she looks great she does everyone is preppy it's cute it's effortless like summer in 58 I'm just picking strawberries my daddy says I'm the best kisser Haggai for you I die for you she looks like she's making a rhubarb pie rhubarb ax no rhubarb rhubarb it's not rhubarb it's rhubarb it's rhubarb it is rhubarb Zuri next is Camilla Mendez in a nasty L top and dole chibita sandals Loring this is very cute outfit for a very cute girl it's simple I like the top on hers everything's flattering the shoes are acute color it's adding to the fact that she's a green bag I love it I think this is a really fun simple low-risk way to rock checkers she's like if Camilla Kibeho and Shawn Mendes actually were thing she's Camilla Mendes Oh finally we have Katy Perry hot dress and pans with Katy Perry Hill she went from a firework to a picnic it's very summer it's very fun it's brash it is perfect for the picnics which the pants weren't there that's what I like about it I like that the checkers get smaller on the pants it was kind of this mismatched continuity she showed up to the picnic as the picnic all she has to do is light out on a sad part table and hope no one smells barbecue sauce on her oh no not Christina what the actual wait wait wait maybe there's some context in which we can process this robe is actually kind of chic and it's a nice color I just think with the corset in the middle and the black boots it just brings such a heaviness to it that's not necessary it's not good it's not good no it's not good it's not good not good put the genie back in the bottle cheers is everything back from Tahiti Oh damn beads what we're like what the fire hey everyone Justin Martindale here thank you so much for watching you can just click on the subscribe button to see more of what the fashion and the rest of all the latest breaking headlines for me news we have new clips every day


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