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happy Saturday morning everybody and welcome to another episode of Collider mailbag I'm your host John rogue and I'm joined today by a guy who's been hanging out in the studio since Thursday I found him back there over there as that is he is a film journalist critic and one of my favorite guy new guys that I've met here in the sphere that's Simon Thompson how are you bud I'm good I'm good I smell a bit good smell you're also cause to meet the movie press as well yeah over on the popcorn talk Network and I'm also now the emcee of the you're gonna need a bigger boat movie quiz in Los Angeles massive in London for 14 years bring it here to LA the first official one is today at the three clubs so you can go to film – quiz comm and get tickets for that and it's like a trivia thing and you yeah it's a movie trivia quiz it's like one you won't have seen before it's not simple question and answer oh it's using a lot of observational rounds a lot of things like taking a title of a movie poster what is the movie the audio from one movie but you can't see the visuals lots of trailers one audio bit is playing lots of different trailers name it really is a case of not necessarily deep deep deep deep deep scholastic novel of rhymes it's a case of really useless stuff that you like to pull out of parties and go why do I know that how is that ever useful it's useful for this then your bit gonna need a bigger boat movie that sounds like a you know yeah I love it I love it certainly as a small town competitor it's gonna be a great challenge all right you know you guys know how mailbag works Simon's been on the show before so it's yes you guys were so positive about Simon and his appearance here on the show that I thought it'd be great to bring him back sooner rather than later and we got a bunch of great questions for you all that week then when we put the call out on social media y'all sent to us with that hashtag Collider mailbag like supposed to some you emailed your questions to Atma light at Collider at mailbag oh no sorry mailbag at Collider comm mailbag I always get that confused mailbag send your stuff in and we pick them out we've picked I said about 28 we picked about five really good ones here yeah it was really strong actually yeah really really strong ones yeah so let's get into it our first question comes from the rock daddy on Instagram Who am I Hobbs and Shah about to come out do you think this will resuscitate Jason Statham's action career it's been in a bit of a lull lately and I've enjoyed his best ones in the past Simon okay now being abrasive holding but not having his body or his money I have to say Jason Statham I'm a big fan all mm-hmm but let's not pretend the Jason Statham has had a entirely stellar career okay if you look back at his resume there are a lot of movies that are stinky okay he will gladly admit this a lot of stuff that went straight to DVD a lot of stuff that wasn't successful in movie theaters he has had a little bit of a lull in terms of presence at the box office yeah cuz he hasn't been banging them out as much but you know generally the ones that have made the big screen have done okay the mag from me was a disappointment I consider that to be a lull but don't forget one of the other movies he did just before that most recently was the Fast & Furious franchise and this is a continuation of that this is a spinoff of that so this I think is going to be huge but the majority of Jason Statham's career a lot of them were small movies that he max when we BC made in the UK the simile didn't land over here even though he's been omnipresent quality and quantity are necessarily comparable so I actually thinking we're entering the the Golden Age of State Oh interesting I think we've actually yet to see you know a lot of his best stuff one of my favorite things he's done in the last couple of years is spy yes that was only what was that 2014 so that was there five years ago so he's turned out at least one good movie four years out of five over the last five years I would rather see that from an actor than a lot of poop okay fair enough I don't see anybody's poop but I understand what you're not seeing shot at Jason's but this is what I think you make a great point here and that is he may be kind of transitioning into being a little more of a selective actor yet he's obviously made his money on these films his name was the one selling a lot of these smaller films so he certainly was probably getting his money upfront to do these kind of smaller vehicles kind of lay the groundwork I did enjoy the mechanic remake it wasn't a hundred percent great but I enjoyed it the sequel was bad it was terrible and you know casting wise I don't know I guess certain people that you look at other things that he's done the ensemble of baths the Fast and Furious works but that's not hanging on Jason Jason this though Hobson Shaw certainly hangs on the rock shoulders and Jason's shoulders and their chemistry that they developed in that previous faster Furious movie so that excites me going forward we start see Jason maybe show up in some dramatic films concerns I'm looking for yes certainly Sly was incredibly funny who knew he could be he's had fun he's a funny funny man yes seriously if you ever get Charles to spend time where she's a very smart and funny man but I mean also let's not forget that was the Expendables movies that right soul-g which was very much an underdog how can we get some old people who can also people who aren't very expensive shove them in and get them to blow some stuff up that was basically what those movies were yeah those movies put Jason on the map I know Jeff Snyder's not a fan of Expendables movie it's all about man real man well but yeah I mean so I really think those the movies that put him on the map three almost derailed it for him but he's come back and really strong yeah but like you I really see wanna see dramatic Jason Statham I want to see him and I think he's being a little bit more choosy but isn't inside Statham tip there's an 80s on an eighties and nineties band called a rager from the UK no no disband go to youtube and you find the run to the Sun video for erasure okay there is a man wearing Speedos covered in I think it's silver or gold paint and posing as a muscle guy that is Jason Statham Wow he used to do that he was a he was a diver previously as he was he was and then he did this for a while to try and get into entertainment and then he moving into action movie so huh Wow if you want to see Jason Statham in his shiny tighty whities just run to the Sun is the is the pop video you have to check out these also one of those he's also one of those models and Elton John's I'm still standing I do so there we go all right what's our second question there okay this is from John Cairo for ask John Cairo for on Twitter hi John and most welcomed guest is that they weren't expecting me in my opinion I feel like one aspect of filmmaking that is not appreciated enough is the editing my question is what are some of your favorite edited films or edited sequences stroke scenes in film thanks for everything hashtag Collider mailbag can I just say yeah I've also checked out John's Twitter feed on social stuff I think he's got a future really he's got a good head on his shoulder for every young guy I gotta say I was impressed by this he knows his stuff now okay I'm gonna say you're gonna jump in okay good hora is a genre I think that he's often maligned yes yes and there's a lot of classic horror and contemporary horror that really editing makes the movie jump scares are great you can do this that's not a problem but using editing to ramp it up along with soundtrack is key so a couple of the ones that always bring to mind for me is a movie called The Changeling a gorge see Scott movie oh yeah house movie the editing and that is used brilliantly another one is the shining yeah I think the editing in the shining is amazing misery Stephen King Kathy Bates James Caan amazing movie editing in that is superb a few good men and good fellows when it comes to drama I think the editing that's used in those movies is absolutely amazing and then another horror Rosemary's Baby oh yeah is a great movie seriously it really is if you want really good examples it's often better to go back where they didn't have the ability to use CGI and a lot of technical stuff you can kind of cover up things and create an atmosphere you really had to create it with performances editing and sound track those wiki so I would say go to stuff that's from the sort of early 80s back mmm-hmm really utilize that kind of thing especially the 70s those are some really good examples for me what about you well for me I feel the same way go back in the 70s to me the French Connection that whole chase scene is incredible editing that really lets you feel like you're inside that car and yeah maybe you can go back in 2019 you're like oh I've seen a million things but think about it in there in the world of 1972 I think is is French Connection and you're sitting in that car and you're going from your point of view you're watching that car dart in and out of those real steel posts it's not CGI and those actors walking through those lanes they're also Apocalypse Now I think having some incredible editing in that film Coppola with what he was able to do with his editor and creating the feel and the vibe of that film and I'm personally looking forward to speaking editing the final cut that's coming out later this year that apparently already has screened in England I'm looking forward to it coming out on 4k blu-ray very soon recently I would say baby driver did a fantastic job with very editing right right and what about just movies actually use that where he was doing like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz it's not necessarily about yes it's about smart editing and I'm by no means taking away from the current editors in the industry it's just that I remember when I started when I was in you know studying film when I was in college and I had to edit my films on on videotape to videotape when you have like your it's like editing with with boxing gloves on yeah yeah you know and when you can still do a good job with everything stacked against you you don't have the bells and whistles that's really when it's called into effect so those are really good examples to logic and a lot of the great filmmakers Jordan Peele in as one young goes back and they look at these movies from decades ago and they utilize those things with today's technology yeah so those are a few example in Mad Max fury road I think is a fantastic yeah definitely as we won our third question that's at from at Carter's reviews asks hey outlaw and magnificent guest my question is what pair of actors and directors that have never worked together before would you like to see personally Woody Harrelson Amy Adams Tarantino or Leonardo DiCaprio brie Larson Fincher Thanks okay here's mine Tom Cruise Laura Dern John Carpenter oh okay yeah all right yeah I'd also like to see Tom Hanks Jordan Peele and amy madigan oh interesting Amy matter amy madigan all in shape well those are two older female actresses who have okay balls when it comes to this they have range they have presents yeah and I think that would be really really good I've got Melissa Leo and Florence pew with Paul Thomas Anderson yeah nice I think Florence is one of those actresses that is going to destroy people for years to come she's already in the Black Widow movie she was fantastic and Lady Macbeth she was great in fighting with my family she's done such incredibly mid-summer yeah but I you know I hear she's incredible in that as well of course melissa leo has been working her way back into people's uh you know eyes for quite some time over the last few years and I had a pleasure to interview her an equalizer two junket and she is a very intelligent and measured woman and I would love to see her and I was very appreciative as well I'd love to see her energy combined with Paul Thomas Anderson that would be a lot of fun another one through here was Jennifer Lawrence working with David Fincher on something with and through Ruffalo amber Ruffalo zodiac which I'd forgotten the part of that but I thought Ruffalo and Lawrence would be great in a in a Fincher fair really cool I mean you'd be honestly there are so many people that you know and that sometimes they're friends and they just can't make the deals work yeah I mean I was amazed that it was an when Tom Hanks did Sully yes you know him and the director I had an idea people that you just assumed they'd work together yeah yeah you know and they hadn't and I mean I'd really like to see Clint Eastwood do something that to me you know really met some of his his earlier work something that you know that he's done I think a lot of his later stuff and the ideas been there but I don't think it's been executed effectively Here I am telling Clint Eastwood's that you know sometimes you get the chemistry you get the things that come together like uggs in a wheel and sometimes they don't and I would really like to see him utilize some some younger fresher talent but also some it really experience people and kind of see what it could put in the mix with that yeah absolutely all right well our next question what's a release question okay this is from Zachary Shelton via email Thank You Zachary hello Collider crew so I'm gonna be seeing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in the next couple of weeks trying to avoid spoilers try and avoid truth and I finally saw the trailer for ad astra do you think this could be a year where Brad Pitt pulls out a Jamie Foxx and get nominated for both Best Actor and Supporting Actor thank you for your time thank you for your questions accurate that's a good question it is I would say sir I surely would love to see him nominated having seen Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for me Brad Pitt is the reason to go DiCaprio is good he's damn good in that movie but Pitt is the reason to see that movie in my opinion he's incredible as a more subdued a person with this kind of animalistic instincts immer underneath everything he's doing I saw the trailer for Astra as well I've been waiting for that one and that woman looks like a father and sons story kind of got that interstellar vibe to it as well so that excites me on so many levels is it possible sure if both of these films come out and they're well-received that's certainly possible but space movies rarely get as well received as other movies so I worry about that for him with that Astro I mean having seen Once Upon a Time in hollywood intone you seen the trailer for ad astra it's it's kind of difficult because you've you know a full performance in one and aspects of a performance and the other so it's kind of difficult to do I mean I would be very happy for Brad if it turns out that his performance in ad astra is worthy of Oscar nomination right to get that kind of thing I just think that when you get people nominated for actor and Supporting Actor it just makes award season a little bit dull okay and I think it's also kind of unfair to other talent where you know somebody else has to miss out from their great performance together if it's entirely justified it's entirely justified that's absolutely fine I just think that there are so many people to turn in so many great performances every year sometimes you just have to choose it's like when we were doing the LA ofc nominations the LA rfcs nominations and it was a case of who from book-smart do you have as a lead role who do you have as a you know as a supporting role what do you do do you nominate both so sometimes these are not difficult not easy decisions to make they're quite difficult you just have to go with it I'm just really glad to see Brad Pitt back on top of his game yeah I genuinely I really really am and he was one of my favorite things about once upon a time in Hollywood a movie that for me is middle table Tarantino okay you know there's lots I loved about it loss I didn't like about it but I'm just glad to see Brad really getting to be Brad yeah the film stars V actor well we talked about Jason Statham at the beginning I show you talked about him moving into a new phase of his career this could be happening for Brad as well kind of a kind of it happened the mechana hey right well McConaughey finally stopped doing those romantic comedies and really focused on becoming an actor and Pitt has always had that ability in the beginning he's always shied away from doing that aunjanue male lead stuff or franchise leading stuff it's always been the dirtier grittier films he's found himself in let's not forget awards ceremony an awards season is a cruel mistress or get sick of you yeah and just because you win an Oscar whether that Supporting Actor or you know or a maid you know the main actor or it doesn't necessarily mean that your next five or ten years are going to continue with that sometimes it really works in your favor and sometimes people are just like we're gonna put you back in a box for five years yeah so for Brad's sake I would be happier if it was one or the other yeah but I'm just glad to have him back back on the top of his game thoroughly agree let's move on to our last question it's from Xavier dela Cruz he writes hello there if you could go back in time to erase a movie from existence only to have it released in theaters today which movie would you pick in verse if you're back in time to release a post 2010 movie into theatres what would it be Simon okay the one that I would take from the past and put in theaters today here's a movie that I think was very much ahead of its time and that is the Last Action Hero okay but it's a movie that I have a lot of love for but that movie I remember working in a movie theater when that came out on that summer and that was meant to be blockbuster with all caps yeah that was gonna be Ramon to be you remember that Arnold was on the drive yeah everything he touched turned to gold yep this turn to poop and it was a movie that audiences just didn't get and there was other stuff in there that took attention away from it it's sang and it really affected his career I watched it again recently if that movie was released now or remade now I think it would have a completely it was so matter it was so ahead of its time as flawed mm-hmm but I think if it was released now people would lap that up in the time of stranger things yeah and we're we're looking for really interesting narrative and creative ideas that would kill now absolutely fascinating I know what would you what would you take out that's post 2010 and get out oh where would you put it I would put that in 1970 yeah yeah yeah just because it has so many of the tropes and touches of 70 stuff and some of the sort of the socio-political stories are being talked about and I just think it offers a completely different type of scare the audiences wouldn't know what to do with it when it would really freak people out it would be up there with like the likes of The Exorcist and you know that that kind of thing where people are like what is that collapsing in the aisles it would freak them out yeah that's what I do what if that comes out on the heels of the next year after in the heat of the night you put get out yeah and in the late 60s it would still work as this kind of calm social commentary on what's going on in the racial politics of the country at a time yeah fascinating yeah I hadn't thought about that's a great choice I took out social network from when it put it in the 70s as well because it seems to be toe and toe with network itself it seems to like work in that Way of making fun of a media thing that we are all involved in and exploring why something like that was created and how it takes on the shape of the of its creator and what it can do both positive and negative when it's uh gives in to its worser nature and I think both of those movies in very different ways you have tones of people like Hitchcock yeah free skin when it comes to relationships and dynamics and social structure and social politics and even sort of you know some of the the you know the Dirty Harry movies there's this class there are very different stories but similar grating characters people who are you know challenging establishment you know challenging all kind of sort of social structures yeah I think and if I I wouldn't really very good sure and I would take Citizen Kane out of 1941 I would put it in nowadays as a smaller independent film and have it blow up like crazy where people well you've got to go see this movie yeah it's so revolutionary it's so interesting I think King still stands the test of time nowadays you could even do it black and white as a choice by the filmmaker Orson Welles to make that film and put it in our time now as a character study of an owner of a media conglomerate like we see with Rupert Murdoch or any number of people involved our President Trump that's a possibility as well kind of through that prism of seeing men of who achieved this great status but still are kind of privy to their own insecurities their own peccadilloes as human beings while they're creating this incredible legacy for themselves you leave on the world so I think that's a possibility good idea thanks everybody for watching this episode of Collider mailbag really appreciate it very much and I very much appreciate Simon Thompson taking the time to come on a pleasure where can we find you and everything you do you can find me on social media twitter and instagram at showbiz simon you can also find me hosting the meet the movie press podcast on itunes and various other places and also now you can find me emceeing as well in LA at the you're going to need a bigger boat movie quiz which kicks off later to date no not the three clubs in Los Angeles you can get tickets from Phil Matt – quiz dot-com perfect right there you go you can follow me at the Roker says on Twitter and on Instagram don't forget to subscribe to Clyde a video and yes I know some of you said it's not a podcast anymore collided mailbag but guess what you can do you can hook it up to your Bluetooth and you can listen to it just hit the you play on the YouTube video and the audio comes out either way so your eyes close your eyes it's still a podcast in that way you can play it through all your speakers or devices that you use in your car or in your home shout out to Adam Smith you up to saw on the show today thanks so much and we will talk to you all next week for another two episodes of Collider mailbag and don't forget tomorrow for another episode of Collider mailbag where Thad Williams will be stopping by to view my guests on his birthday all right take care have yourselves a great Saturday we'll talk to you soon you

  • I am sorry, but 70 years after its release, you can't say that Citizen Kane is STILL revolutionary. No question that it was, but today it suffers from what many classic films suffer from. It has been copies/homaged so many times it almost seems derivative. Obviously it wasn't, it was first. But that is how it comes across to many that see it for the first time today. As for Get Out, the problem with releasing Get Out in the 1960's [Spoiler Warning I guess] is that I'd be worried for much of the country it would come across more as fantasy than horror. Just to be clear, I haven't seen it and know the twist but not the ending. A horror movie for that part of the country would be Django Unchained!!!

  • Both Pitt and DiCaprio never let you forget they are Pitt and DiCaprio no matter what character they play, they can never embrace any character fully

  • I just rewatched Last Action Hero couple of weeks ago. It's not a great movie but it does have great moments and cool ideas throughout. It just doesn't come together as a whole movie…the tone swings too wildly, and the movie kind of undermines the comedy by having the kid pretty much explaining the jokes and references to us in the audience. There's way too many points where the movie feels the need to tell us why it's supposed to be clever. Shame too, because a lot of the jokes are really clever.

  • Q5: I'd move The Dark Crystal to a better release era. Maybe not right now, but certainly in the last ten or so years, maybe as an immediate response to the success of the Lord Of The Rings films. I am anticipating the TV series to be a huge hit. And then I'd move Bumblebee (Tansformers) to be in the era it's set, the 80s. It got favourable reaction, but I think it would be a mega-hit if it was released in the Batman, Terminator, Robocop, etc era.

  • Brad may be Oscar worthy but he probably wouldn’t win one because he’s neither a woman nor a person of colour.

  • This is his best role together with Tyler Durden. He deserves an Oscar for this, absolutely. Is going to get it? Probably not because Oscars are shit, especially in recent years.

  • Best win the following at the Oscar's. Best Supporting actor, Brad Pitt. Best Actor, Leo DiCaprio, Best screenplay and Best Picture.

  • For those that have seen it, I know kurt Russell does most of the narration but one brief scene sounds like QT,. Is QT starting in this movie as that quick narration or any other way?

  • Brad Pitt scene with the Manson crew and how his character remains strong and the end should give him that nomination alone.

  • Great show John. And as usual, awesome guest. Love hearing Simon Thompson's thoughts and opinions on the biz.

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