Iowa accepts Disney Spirit Award for "The Wave"

  • When ferentz started crying I couldn't help it I lost my shit… Such a amazing person and coach!! God bless you all and Go Hawkeyes!!

  • This is why whenever i get asked the question of "if u could live anywhere in the country where would u live?" People always say California cuz it's warm and pretty or Florida or somewhere on the coast but scenery or temperature doesn't make a place great to live, what makes a place great to live are the people that you are surrounded by so that's why when i hear that question i always answer it the same way….. "I've visited a lot of places both in and out of the country and seen some pretty sites but I'd stay right here in Iowa for one reason, we have the best people." Its a state filled with love and caring people…thats why we're the "heartland." Iowa 4 life baby!!!

  • Gawd..these Kids..families..just want normal..just another day that they do not have to worry about life and death struggles..this is a great story about great people..

  • I'm an Iowan transplanted to beautiful Colorado. I make sure everyone I see knows about the wave and remind them even the Rockies can't over shadow my beloved Hawkeyes. Well done, Folks, well done.

  • One of the greatest things I have ever seen in College football, and I have been watching since the mid-1970's. Makes me want to go to a game.

  • This is what being an Iowan is all about. It’s not about the football wins or losses. It’s thinking about the kids who have won, lost, or are battling their own wars. The wave symbolizes a ray of hope in the stormy clouds for those children, and will forever be the best tradition in college football history.

  • Something I'd like to repeat, almost EVERYONE in Kinnick Stadium waves to the kids and their families. When we played Ohio State last year, both teams had players and coaches, the refs were all lined up, everyone was looking up to the 12th floor waving to these kids, NOT JUST the Iowa fans, EVERYONE, 70,000+!!!! These are kids fighting for their lives. They aren't all from Iowa or fans of Iowa, but they are getting the best medical treatment possible, and I am so PROUD of our University, our hospitals and clinics, the Stead Family Children's Hospital, and our athletes who go out of their way to visit kids in the hospital when they have free time. Many people don't know that about our athletes, and it's not just the football players, many of our athletes from all sports, both womens and mens visit these kids and their families. That brief time when those families see all of those arms waving, all of the faces looking up to them as they look down lets them feel free from their illness for awhile. I've been to the 12th floor, and you can see EVERY single seat in Kinnick Stadium from there, and the things they do for the kids on game day is awesome. There are snacks, games, you name it, it's a time to allow sick kids not to feel so sick. I'm from Iowa and I'm very proud of this amazing facility and all who work there, and thankful to Krista Young for coming up with the idea of "The wave".

  • I've watched this countless times, I cry every time, but this was the first time that I noticed when the award was announced and Kirk, Josh Jackson, and Kaden Kelso went up to accept the award, everyone was standing. That is pretty special. Nine days until our first game and I can't wait to wave from my living room and watch everyone at Kinnick wave as well. It didn't matter if it was fans from the other team, EVERYONE waved including players, coaches, and referees. We treat kids from any state, not just Iowa, but we are incredibly proud of our hospital and all who work there. Hey, we're Iowa, and it's what we do.

  • No matter what team you route for. This wave is for those AMAZING kids. Never been more proud for my team. Go Hawkeyes

  • Oh boy that is an amazing caring show of support. Three hanky moment. Wow. Thank you on behalf of my grandson a Lukemiua surviver from Strands Childrens Hospital in Gainsville, FL. We could'nt have done it without you.

  • I have always been proud to be from Iowa City. It's my hometown and I loved growing up there. I was ridiculed mercilessly in the military for being from Iowa. But my pride never wavered. This moment is a good reason why.

  • I lived in CR from 2015-17, and grew up just over the Illinois side when I was young. I've known people who have been life-flighted to Iowa City.

    There was never a greater day than when I pulled up to Iowa City and watched the first wave happen after that building opened to be an Iowan.

    …I think I'd like to retire in Iowa someday. Get a nice big farmhouse with some land and outbuildings. Snow don't bother me none. That's why they make Deeres in Davenport.

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