INVASION OF NORMANDY | Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Playthrough #2

how's it going guys welcome back to part two of my first ever medal of honor allied assault playthrough if you have not seen part one where we go through missions one and two link to that video will be down below in the description but we are picking up right where we left off which is mission three Operation Overlord excellent work in Norway lieutenant under very difficult circumstances thanks to your efforts the Kriegsmarine wolf packs that once terrorized the North Atlantic have been decimated over the past year by our naval and aerial patrols with Allied shipping lanes secured the door is now open for the invasion of Europe that we've been planning since the start of this bloody war it's called Operation Overlord and we're breaching Hitler's Atlantic Wall through the Normandy coast the Germans know we're coming and coming soon but we've got them thinking that the invasion will be at Calais well lost of the actual landing beaches this will be the largest amphibious invasion in history lieutenant and you're gonna be in the group that's leading the charge now they may have numbers on our side but we don't have the experience most of our troops are fresh out of basic training and they need true combat veterans like you to help lead the attack that's why every assign you to the 2nd Ranger Battalion the landings will take place across five beaches codenamed gold Juno sword Omaha and Utah the British will land of sword and gold the Canadians at Juno and the Americans at Omaha Utah it'll be going ashore a Charlie sector of Omaha Beach just west of the dog one exit although the beaches are not as fortified as they are in Cali the Germans have left no spot undefended every inch of Beach is covered by machine guns and artillery and the place is surrounded by miles of barbed wire and countless minefields one more thing leader try to keep in mind that this is the largest and most complicated operation that we've ever attempted and in my experience whenever things get complicated things go wrong but no matter what happens I believe that with soldiers like you leading the way we will prevail with this allied assault good luck at Omaha Beach lieutenant and Godspeed allied assault I got that one these mission over views are fantastic man supreme headquarters Allied expeditionary force Dwight Eisenhower loved it June 6 1944 Omaha Beach charlie sector that's the same exact voice head for cover and get to the shingle I'll see you on the feet that's good I'll see you there will be just fine shit prowl this game is oh it looks good a bit choppy in this cutscene here outside and there they go once our rights by gonna get hit soon right three close though close call and one go throw up and one motion sick or seasick sick what the fuck am I saying where's the MTU fire give it a few seconds here we go there is Jesus well Jesus I am getting destroyed man well I don't know what we're doing here well it's our job well that was brutal all right round two here we go dead yet Jesus cry first man get to be shingles well oh my good round number 77 here we go I think I'm doing something wrong man oh here we go take cover haha okay we're not dead how're you guys doing where the hell is this shingle that you are speaking of okay we just have to get past the initial barrage oh my goodness this sucks but I have lost count how many attempts I've had at this alright so guy get your own rule taking way more damage than I thought let's go to right here all right yes this would be the most intense d-day invasion I've seen in a video game you don't say stay here or dying yeah yeah I'll call you let's go boys can we did it we did it I think doesn't help here T&T failed this is amazing I mean it's fucking disaster but help holy cow all right this is better than the frontline version someone I remember all by Evans I don't see any beds I got a really bad feeling about this we got a ways to go as well and we have again no meds shit fuck objective to still get to the shingle all right well I'm gonna go this way oh thank you yes I got some help yeah gonna be just fine moving on up boys oh dear well that was not the right idea I believed we are past where we were please wait for a problem some super far Brent my ass up this Beach again there he goes we might go what what is the newest cover is it this guy where's he here I'm gonna go laughing hey it wasn't left I'm gonna go right it was right I got you buddy I gotcha okay straight ahead shit man I'm gonna go left okay I had read choice I'm Vaughn December bitching about the 17 health how's everyone doing oh shit yeah I wonder oh that's gotta be the one right I don't know this one cool all right we're almost there boys we're almost there you can tell I've not played this before because I look like an idiot fuck you all we move it up sir yeah we are all right yes sir every single obstacle I move to every single checkpoint if you will allows me to go to the next one I can I can't go one ahead or skip something we going crater [Applause] okay just enough government this is next right it's quiet hey how you doing Showtime Joe throw all my goodness oh that was awesome where's Gavin where's Gavin down here Gavin well thank you I'll pardon plan the hell's get there is no Nell is he man son of a bitch I got it yeah I'm trying ten Elfman here we go ah so saying this is probably most unforgiving depiction I've seen of this in a video game and yeah why did I wait so long to play this busted I'm down it's just gonna kill him absolutely not go I've no help no help no we got a 38 help this time here we go please be enough oh please be enough there goes okay I now choke down boys shit pretty good voice a key that knows that too much with the other guy last questions thank you thank you sweet oh there we go Jesus we're not gonna make sir excuse me look at this stack Deeks hey they'll survive this time no yes I can do it I can do it I'll wait for your signal I gotta get these guys I think I'm nice covering fire going in boys okay this is possible mines are shit magnifico right you motherfucker I'll have suppressions nuts epic ago got me to go no oh it's a mine of my I'll destroy you and everything you love mega die again I think this might be impossible with my help all in this I'm gonna give him too much time okay hug the wall here okay my goodness yes holy shitballs that was easy all right Thompson time baby no help yet hey a job for your boy got him going in shoot this mission is only made it okay it's got the bunker already had already had the idea I need health so bad this game is just through you've done it we have done it let us clear this out room by room that was insanity all right hi how you doing pickle surprise got surprised they didn't leave with this mission you know what I mean because this obviously you're gonna pick up this game flash you know I understand why very difficult a little bit frustrating to the average or bad gamer how'd you hit me you psycho okay pick up the car 98 yet nope okay we seem clear in here that's explosive barrel you have there full the AI in this game is just psychotic I'm proven roasted it's up radio won't up again don't mind me clear out the bunker eliminate the mg42 machine gunner all I can hear it man this this this whole entire mission is so well done it's brutal man this mission unhard must just be near impossible I thought even the troops that are kind of what would you say like out of the mission can still be taken out that's pretty cool noscope you boy with a noscope all right bunker taken care of battle in the bulls bocaj visage sorry Normandy France June 7th 1944 two less deaths we come at the be a are yes sir yeah they gotta have a be a are in the Thompson we got everything man that trash thing out search the house make shots into this well one did it might been I was not a good it's one shot headshot relatively close range the hell did that man just do the STG is in this game use a grenade there's nobody here man what a hell where is this health on the beach huh I would how many people played this game and gave up because they couldn't get past Omaha Beach Gus serious this man is hey lighten up excuse me sir thank you we're off the beach man we're alive we're clear now houses I'm not getting it not getting hit by enemies I can't speak English it's great do we they say flash the fuck is going on hey oh they're moving a table we glad to see you we landed way off target sir freakin airborne man holy shit that's you through this where the hell was the sniper at huh I don't see you oh that could have been a triple I choked it choked it away so I think the AI is doing more than I am there we go right in the crotch got one shot left here not seeing the movement the sergeant is just roasting the Germans outside or outside this room over there yep okay leg shot is not enough that is confirmed defend the front of the house they leave this house alone shaped in five minutes I better see a Sherman come down this road a little little moonwalk action there oh man a little Street going to I like it a lot that's it a great lunch thank you sir do the Lord's work out here shooting right over my shoulder oh this isn't good that was close I got pay attention here no more waves doesn't say three two times the Germans locate any flak 88 guarding the road okay well that would prevent any Sherman's coming up the road so I still better see that Sherman will be okay I believe in us myself you you or be just fine it's destroyed it's a dead American what the hell oh it's a pig I'll see how that guy get up there airborne that's out here before us okay wasn't me wasn't me sight god I'm just going down this road looking for those 88's it said active I can't really tell that's a Sherman Hey well as a Sherman on a road I wasn't entirely wrong we don't see one come down a road shoot dude yeah you weren't kiddin sir find a radio to call in an air strike on the flak cannon not so beautiful whoa oh good lord I know that was a thing fuck me that man Oh almost dead oh shit he's a psycho it is time for round two I'm prepared this time there he is so I can let the mg's exhaust their ammo didn't make any difference in the world good that's a hell of a helmet you got coyotes under they said this house huh oh they were held up private Cobb our squads rainy man was killed in the clearing in the southeast of this house but there's sniper in the silo out there and we can't get anywhere near it sir I do it all my friend it's crazy just oh let's go with me not Cobb right dude let's do this it's a way to see the names I don't believe there is so you are going to be Sam you are my Sam where am I going by the leg find the radio near the silo yeah I think we're going the wrong way dude oh oh Jesus that's good to crap out of me not today it's sniper man how do we open this hell thank you can I say what in the hell I can't see him oh there was oh my god going old school I'm moving I try get close to him private Durden where'd he go I think he's dead no motherfucker you killed Sam where is this guy he's a legend there he is holy hell thank you for the hell are you alive no that was a sniper I killed do dis was freaking rough find the radio okay this man has it right here or hell capi that red leader red leader here okay oh I got binoculars oh okay seven is binocular okay roast his ass roast it your scums love to see it short the anti-aircraft gun so air support can return okay damn be what mission epic oh fuck shit [Applause] explosives do it old-school this isn't look very functional it looks like it's already destroyed oh fuck did I say private come call an airstrike on the second black 88 hi sent to people well where is the second one I remember there being a second one up there obviously hanging there I'm reloading dammit lost to my allies oh my god there's the enemy is just so persistent in this game like once they have you zeroed in my allies for my fucking captain is just ripping these guys up what's the have you zeroed in man it's over for you you gotta hit a pretty pretty good shot yeah this game on hard would be hard Oh try it again Jerry I dare ya oh there it is I not notice that the first step Roger golly we eat happy time for actual grenade send it Oh house great throw actually kind of worked if they would have ran towards it oh I forgot grenades string together so I throw one inside here or one like right there one here the book at the same time whichever one blows up first obviously nice ejected complete yes the nibble viva hunt Normandy France June 7th 1944 behind you you got it got a honza Shrek okay health sit max I can always go back here if I need to ar is loaded 400 rounds getting the hang of this now eat my fat cheese Jerry all right down the road locate and destroy kneeble bethis am I saying that right I hope so or I look like an idiot where are they oh what's not about the panzerschreck let's do it six kobe barrel that's a slow motherfucker two hits hey Morton to my damn I doing this wrong why hang in there got him sorry sir that was embarrassing huh fuck okay listen it's always one more when the hell are you Oh if the enemy did like you know oh yes hello gentlemen sergeant finding airborne everywhere committee meet you sergeant I'm Ramsey 2nd Rangers you boys seen any strange-looking rocket launches around here yes sir just down the road away what are these weapons look like well sir we didn't exactly see them we just heard them from a long ways off never heard anything like it either we'll be doing solo King in Detroit News 5 we've destroyed 0 of 4 first one should be right by the houses back here probably roasted Oh God I will take that thank you one Germans a lot of resistance here Toby yes in the house won't kill any teammates thank God they do run away from it that's good look there's certain games I played in the password they just don't even acknowledge the grenade or another one in there push him out wrong button I'll keep get em teaser okay gotta be some help in here right yes any upstairs Oh random German Oh hooray can I use it ah the Spence lost his face oh wow that was one guy oh shit Baca you this reasons a lot of healthier I guess these Germans are elite you ready to take this enemy by enemy cop captain Ramsey what that can happen oh my god what a son of a bitch oh my god private guys doing I let you astray I'm sorry I would out lose the last guy I promise I think he's already dead I won't lose him hog man dude this game on a controller at like age seven it'd be impossible this is nuts I'm like a hot sweaty gamer time Nass at this hello no this is so cool do move there's so many enemies I'm not gonna lose you to the sergeant right Harrison I think so not gonna lose you just non-stop Germans what okay I flick through if there's not less Germans there's not less Germans get out of there man the hell am i doing they're dying they're dying like this nein okay well that was close stop eighth motherfucker Abbi our is pretty good dude run oh he's still alive what a psycho this is intense dude pushing weapons is pretty rough though I think I'm just kind of stupid nice got some help that is a oh shit no buck buck bus will jump weapons oh my god never reloaded whoa okay I have I have a chance you do I they got y'all fire or something holy shit oh thank you ah never doubt it for a second never doubted us for a second boys all right it's intense and rough he's limping around losing faith in me excuse me sir okay we go right side through the house intuition I have it more rockets I got it I got it Oh Oh 80% holy shitballs get out of there boys son of a bitch oh my god thank you thank you Oh our chances are not uh very good Lucy oh it's right there all right well I got an angle on him a little bit 40% just gonna do it you know straightforward simple just hit it go where he can't hit me and bitch boy so have for these to take out man they must all be in the same spot going up there oh Jesus stop taking all that help well I guess I needed it five use it all captain no dude switching weapons is so brutal oh I just want my mouse wheel excuse me oh man this mission is top dude I feel like I'm half decent games this is humbling man no toggling you can't lose Harrison he's our last one I think we're Barnes ever seen this when a hell of these Adam he's coming from mere Germans all over me Harrison no okay I must be doing something wrong cuz they're not what the fuck is going why are there so many what the fuck I was it mg up here fuck someone didn't even notice it some stupid oh my god dude vodka you all right what the hell an easy game this I have never holy cow man alright Germans okay well I got their attention didn't it ah man I have to Welsh eyes it Lucy shooting that that ain't me [Applause] fucked of reloading are out remaning that's right with these kind of games you'll see me kind of this is what I'm thinking about do I have to advance for them to stop reinforcing the machine guns because sometimes it's an infinite thing it's like well they're just gonna keep coming unless you do something this did not seem like one of those so I probably could have hey how was the German okay I thought was our friendly for some reason dumbass why are you shooting me Pratt feels bad take off this lone American guy with no friends has to destroy for me Bob ephes yeah it's a lovely job right there they are hmm question is binoculars yay or nay oh shoot Wow he's got that angle again can't wait see this guy is the the hedge that blocks his vision as well i noting where that machine gun is there is slow and steady please don't shoot the the rocket to me oh that's got some weird form okay yeah they're gonna keep shooting I gotta keep moving this I'm actually getting a bit sweaty with this okay we got one of them shit shit he'll help ah I am confused I am confused man hear me roar so way to get inside this bunker yes risking it for the biscuit mega shot ok perfect I'll make my life a lot easier let's cut right next to me sneaky sneaky probably get around oh I'm not sure I can get around yeah go out front I think thank goodness your boy has a sniper rifle if I didn't have this sniper rifle I could be completely shit out of luck those mines yes yes they are note to self as I was saying fuck come on VAR e relatively clutch yes oh my god holy shit he's a beast switch oh this game is nuts fuck my ass if if someone has beaten this game on hard Hugh you psychopath now is random grenade they're trying to kill themselves so many enemies Oh God hello alright this okay I'm just gonna start thinking every single corner I turn enemy afoot oldie okay alright game I see what you're doing now this is a meme that I got away I can't go to the other one because I just fucked myself three and last but certainly not least number four come on man now what oh okay well we gotta have a few more missions right sniffling OH good to see you're still with us through time yay you


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