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Introduction to Tony Winyard Wedding Entertainment; wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies

Hi, welcome to Anthony Winyard Entertainment I’m a master of ceremonies, wedding host and DJ so you’re in the right place if you’re looking for an entertainment solution for your wedding that will deliver a fantastic fun day that you and your guests will remember fondly for years to come The vast majority of the couples I meet with first contacted me because they were looking for a DJ to play some music but once we’ve had a chat about their plans and I show some photos and videos from from some previous weddings I’ve performed at and explain some of the unique ideas that I have to help make their wedding a lot of fun and even more special they’re almost always hugely surprised and never seen such things at weddings they’ve attended This helps them to start to really visualise the possibilities and of just how much of a difference it can make to theirs and their guests enjoyment of the day and which also helps with the ice breaking between the two families and various sets of friends Having performed at well over 2,000 weddings all over the UK and many countries around Europe and even further afield I have amassed a vast array of magical ideas to help inject fun and energy into weddings in an elegant and stylish way Are you looking for something different for your wedding? you want it to be elegant and for the room to look beautiful but you also want your guests to have a great time with lots of laughter It’s not an exaggeration to state that 99% of the couples I meet with are extremely surprised but delighted by the end of the meeting When they realise I’m able to help with so many aspects of their day many that they hadn’t considered. So let’s meet over a coffee and talk about your plans tell me your dreams for your wedding what kind of day you’re looking for the mood you want to create the colour theme, the types of music you prefer and then also, tell me of the things you’ve seen at other weddings you’ve loved… and maybe not been quite so keen on you’ll be amazed by some of the ways I can help to bring your visions into reality and you’ll leave excited at just how much fun and incredibly special your wedding is going to be We could meet at your house, at your wedding venue or maybe you work in central London and you’d prefer to meet after work for a chat? whichever is most convenient for you and if you’re living abroad; we can have a Skype call to discuss your day So fill in your details now by clicking on the contact link and we can start to arrange where to meet to begin this joyful process

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