Introducing: Pedal to the Medal 2019

around this time three years ago I was riding my bike through an intersection in the West End of Hartford when I was hit by a car I flew over my handlebars and I hit my head on the asphalt twice hard but because I was wearing my helmet all I got was a plate and eight screws in my collarbone and six weeks on a couch I also developed a sudden urgent desire to not share roads with cars and to find my own way to advocate for safer street design and then it hit me not another car the idea for a very special hartford bike ride which leads us to last year at 3:30 in the morning when 239 friends and i rode in a first official Prix eversource hartford marathon bike ride pedal to the metal we rode the whole marathon route alongside no cars there were lights and onesies and everybody wore helmets so cool and half the registration dollars went to be Seco hard for its educational bike store which not only teaches students of all ages how to build and maintain their bikes but they also advocate in front of real legislative bodies for safer street design and it's working so this year on the morning of the eversource hartford marathon october 12th we're making it even sweeter for you thanks to our hosts the Connecticut Department of Transportation and CT transit at 3 a.m. we've 350 riders over a hundred more than last year we'll launch from the soldiers and sailors arch and head on over to cycle the ctfastrak since it's a contained route there will be no way to feel lost and you can tackle this 18.8 mile round trip at any speed you want as long as you're back at the finish line at the arch to get your sweet sweet medal by 5:00 a.m. but none of this happens unless I raise $25,000 by August 1st last year we had a heavy handful of supremely generous donors and a breathtaking amount of folks tossing in two hundred dollars here five hundred dollars there thanks to them we raised all the money we needed in a month and a day now if you want to be part of this hartford tradition if you want to get your name or your company's name or logo on the sponsor board if you want to donate in honor of someone else please connect with me email me kiona at coyote wolf calm or frankly you can slide into my DMS tweet at me hire someone ask I write your routing an account number there's multiple things wrong with that idea please don't do that but get in touch soon August 1st is in about three seconds and this ride has to keep going riding a bike is a start of a predictable measurable pattern the more people who ride bikes the healthier we are and the more cyclists there are the more power we have to rally for safer smarter Street design so my friends who walk all the live long day who navigate their life and wheelchairs or scooters who ride bikes purely for fun or who ride bikes because that's their only way of getting the working back can count on getting home safely last year's pedal to the metal was the first time some people ever wrote a bike and now they are totally hooked it's working and it'll keep working with your support so say no to plates and screws unless they're on your bike and thanks in advance to you and your helmet for fueling pedal to the metal 2019

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