International Arch of Europe Award in Frankfurt

the international arch of Europe award pledges this arch stand forth it's the structure being built by the cooperation of organizations holding up quality just like the architectural feat first implemented by the Romans and what does the arch do it's a structure which thanks to the bricks coming together supports not only itself but the weight above it just like the companies organizations and institutions which are building quality culture and supporting this initiatives and their community from countries these organizations awarded by the president of business initiative directions for their technology and professional skills gathered together in Frankfurt Germany the geographical heart of the European Union this award is presented in the largest financial centre in continental Europe and headquarters of the European Central Bank you

  • This is worth of year's reward.they worth far dedication of hardworking for improving the quality and quantity.

  • Hola y estamos interesados en asistir y nos llegó la invitación para la convención pero no contamos con presupuesto y nos gustaría ser patrocinados y mostrar nuestro trabajo desde Bucaramanga, Colombia para el mundo, muchas gracias.

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